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John Ruggieri - SunDance Chairman of the Board John Ruggieri - SunDance Chairman of the Board


Last year we spent a considerable amount of time rewriting our company’s Mission statement. The Mission statement is an important indicator of how you determine value and plot growth for the business. Ours needed to be refreshed after a few years and we came up with this:

“Our mission is to forge meaningful partnerships with our clients and provide exceptional customer service by creating innovative solutions that drive business, eliminate waste, and decrease environmental impact.”

What it came down to is that we want to be the best in absolutely everything that we do. From cutting-edge quality work to our relationships with clients, vendors and even the environment, we want to be the best. Do the right thing. Set a good example.

Why Work with the Best?

We take care of our clients and their needs with concierge level customer service. We work with each client to make sure we can help in any and every capacity they need. Our leading source of new business is referrals from current customers. For them, we strive to be “The Best Printer in Orlando.”

We strive to take care of our employees like they are family. We do everything we can to make sure every employee is safe, healthy and happy, but also feels like they are a part of a team. That their voice matters when they raise concerns or bring up ideas. Many of our top innovations came from team members who felt inspired enough try something new. For them, we strive to be “The Best Printer in Orlando.”

We take care of the environment as it’s our duty. Printing can be a horrible industry ecologically. SunDance is different in that we established the company from the ground up to be green. We weren’t retrofitting systems or trying new eco-friendly options. We started with them. Every day we strive to be “The Best Printer in Orlando” for the environment.

Simply put, we do all of this because we are fortunate enough to be able to do so. We are not just stewards of the environment, but also of our employees, which allows us to engage with our clients in a meaningful and mutually beneficial way. Every day we strive to set the bar higher. To truly be The Best Printer in Orlando.

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Location & Hours

Headquartered in Central Florida, SunDance provides global solutions to companies large and small primarily in the Southeast United States.

9564 Delegates Dr.
Building A
Orlando, FL 32837
Local & Sales: 844-42-PRINT
Operations: 407-734-7444
8am-5pm M-F