Flexible Packaging

As a leading commercial printing company in Orlando, SunDance offers flexible packaging printing to businesses in a range of industries. Flexible packing is an ideal solution for many types of products, including food and beverages, pet food, natural and organic products, and sports and nutrition products. It is an excellent option for packaging items that need to be kept fresh or even products that are unusual shapes. Our packaging printing services take care of everything, from the design to the production and shipping it to your door. We strive to ensure that all of our customers are completely satisfied with their order, no matter how big or small.

What Is Flexible Packaging?

As the name suggests, flex packing is made of flexible construction. It has a certain amount of give, making it useful for many different types of products. It's often used for food, confectionery, and nutritional or organic products, but has a broad range of uses. Digital printing on flexible packaging gives you a high-quality finish for your products so that it's ready to be sold, whether in stores or online, ensuring a professional look for your brand. It can be made in several different styles, including pouches that can be stood up or can lie flat.

The Benefits of Flexible Packaging Printing

Flexible packaging or “flex pack” offers a fantastic range of benefits for your brand. If you're not sure whether it's the right choice for you, we have some excellent reasons to consider with high-quality printed designs.

It can help you to make your products look aesthetically amazing. If you want to get your brand image just right, the packaging that you choose plays a significant part. Your packaging can make or break how people see your product. If it looks cheap or it's just not the right type of packaging to suit your product, it could put people off. This can be even more important when you're selling things that people will be eating or drinking. They need to be able to trust that your food or drink products will be safe and tasty, and the image that you project can make a big difference in how trustworthy your brand appears Check out our child resistant packaging options here.

Flexible packaging can be printed all over, allowing you to cover the whole package with your design. This means that you don't waste any of the space, and you can ensure your messaging is in key places. Custom designs make it simple to really show people what your brand is all about. You can fully customize your packaging with quality digital printing.

When you choose flexible packaging, you can quickly receive your order. Digital printing is fast and reliable, meaning that you can get your product to market faster. It's also easier to print lower quantities of packaging with flexible packaging, which makes it great for small businesses who produce their products in smaller batches. Flexible packaging is also cost-effective, helping you to save money with print on demand.

Flexible packaging even has a lower environmental impact compared to some other packaging options. If you're looking for ways to make your business greener, choosing flexible packaging such as pouches can help you to improve your business sustainability and reputation.

Safe Packaging for Food

Our flexible packaging services are ideal for food and beverage products, as well as natural and organic products, and sports and nutritional product ranges too. We have experience with making food-safe packaging, so we know what it takes to ensure your packaging follows the rules for packaging consumable items. Flexible packaging offers a good option for all kinds of products, from confectionery to snacks ranging from jerky to healthy dried fruits and nuts. You can cut down on packaging by using flexible packaging instead of more rigid conventional packaging options, which often take up more space. Using less packaging makes your brand more eco-friendly and saves money in a variety of ways, including on storage and transport.

Quality Printing

When you choose our flexible packaging services, you get top-quality digital printing from our digital printing press. We deliver a photo-quality finish that will make all of your products look professional and have them flying off the shelves. Digital printing offers a number of other excellent benefits, too, in addition to the great quality images it produces. When you use digital printing for your flexible packaging, you get low-volume printing at affordable prices and with shorter turnaround times too. There's no need to compromise on quality to get these brilliant advantages. Digital printing can deliver it all and is even better when paired with flexible packaging.

Packaging Products with HFFS and VFFS

Some printing companies can't finish assembling and packaging your products. However, we can help you with a range of finishing services for food products and other products too. We have the capability to transform your packaging into the finished product using HFFS and VFFS machines. These are two types of machines that finish your packaging for you by dispensing contents into your flexible packaging.

HFFS and VFFS machines are horizontal and vertical machines, respectively. HFFS machines are best for single items such as candy bars, whereas VFFS machines are better for products that are more difficult to handle manually, such as loose or granulated products. When you need a service that can take your flexible packaging right through to the finished product, we can help you.

Flexible Packaging from SunDance

Find out more about flexible packaging and how it can help your brand by getting in touch with us at SunDance. Request a quote if you want to explore your flexible packaging options further and learn about our pricing. You can give us a call or contact us online if you need more information to help you make a decision about the best service for your needs. Our flexible packaging services will complete your entire packaging journey so that you can get your products out there as soon as possible.

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