Die Cutting & Embossing

Die Cutting & Embossing

Die Cutting

Die Cutting is the process of stamping a printed piece with a custom shape much like a cookie cutter called a die. A die can be used to cut the corners off of playing cards or business cards, to take sections out of a piece to create windows, and to form elaborate effects such lace. Many companies have their own dies with brand specific shapes, but the majority of dies are standardized templates or shapes, such as circles.

Die Cutting


Embossing uses a stamping method much like Die Cutting, however the paper is not cut, but rather stamped with a shape. The relief or impression that the stamping creates gives a printed piece dimension. Often used to make logos stand off the page, it can also be used for design elements or to create a general texture. It can be used in tandem with various finishes such as foil for an even more impressive effect.



Diebossing (also known as inline embossing/diebossing dies) combines two powerful finishing services - die cutting and embossing/debossing - into one single process (and one stunning effect!). This can save on setup time and costs without skimping on the “wow” factor. In a single pass, you can die cut and create embossing (create a sculptured effect that is above the substrate), debossing (create a sculptured effect that is below the substrate) and texture (special patterns to create dimensional, tactile images) effects.

Flexo In-Line Rotary Die Cutting

Originally a hand-cranked method to create cardboard boxes, the Rotary Die system has evolved to become a high-tech inline process commonly done while printing or finishing die-cut pieces in large runs. The Flexo Rotary uses a flexible metal die much like a printing plate with angled cuts that create scores, cuts or even remove sections of the printed piece, all in one pass.

That makes more complicated projects more cost effective and more precise in larger runs. This includes pieces like custom cut business cards and hang tags, to lace cut paper designs, unique shaped postcards and custom presentation folders with knockouts. The uses and options are endless.

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