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Wall Décor that Stands Out

Whether you are in a retail, office, industrial or home environment, it is easier and more cost-effective than ever before to customize your surroundings with wall graphics.

Indoors. Outdoors. Temporary. Permanent. Seasonal. Special events. There are lots of reasons you may want to spiff up your walls, and we’re your one-stop source for producing and installing outstanding wall graphics.

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We have a range of wall décor types to meet all of your wall decoration needs. Here’s the scoop!

  • Wall Wrap Basics. A wall wrap is a vinyl film with a pressure sensitive adhesive pre-applied.  An over-laminate can be applied for added durability, ease of cleaning and sometimes for artistic effect.  Finally, the wrap is applied to a wall or other surface, and it’s that simple!  Wall wraps can adhere to painted, brick, masonry and other types of walls – regardless of the wall construction, there is a wrap that can adhere and conform to its texture.
  • Types of Vinyl. Cast or Calendered? The choice is dependent on how long you plan to leave the wall graphic in place. Shorter term installations are fine with calendered vinyl, while cast vinyl is better suited for longer term installations. The difference between the two has to do with the manufacturing process.  You give us your specs and our 3M MCS certified team will help you find the best material for your needs!
  • Overlaminate. The overlaminate, which can be gloss or matte, plays an important role in the protection of the vinyl and makes it easier to clean. If your wall graphic is high up on a building, you will have different overlamination requirements than if it is in an environment such as a child’s room or hospital. Our experienced team will help you make the right choices.
  • Wall Testing. One of the most critical steps in a well décor project is testing the target wall. There are many things that can affect the installation, including type and age of paint, humidity, sunlight exposure and more. The last thing any of us wants is for the wall covering to fall off the wall! Our 3M MCS certified team will test your wall and recommend the perfect wall wrap, adhesive and overlaminate to ensure that your project stays up and vibrant for as long as you need.
  • Printing and Installation. All of our wall coverings are printed using the latest eco-friendly latex inks, resulting in stunning productions that are extremely durable. And our expert installers take into consideration all of the small details that make an installation perfect – windows, doors, electrical outlets HVAC registers, light switches. Installation of wall coverings can be tricky, and 95% of our customers rely on our experts to get it done right.

You can also be confident that we (and 3M) stand behind every wall wrap we produce. We are 3M MCS certified, which means there is a SunDance/3M warranty for three to five years on projects using 3M products. 

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SunDance is located in south Orlando, near the interesections of The Beachline (SR528), Orange Blossom Trail (US17-92), and Florida's Turnpike (SR91). Just minutes from The Orange County Convention Center, International Drive, the attractions and Downtown Orlando, we service most of the Central Florida Area.

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