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Complete Web Development

You trust us and have been coming to us for years to develop and design beautiful print pieces. Why not also come to us to develop and create your website? From complete redesigns to tweaking a current website or brand presence, you will receive the same trust and excellent product we offer in our print pieces - in a digital package unique to your specifications.

We know that website design and development is a substantial investment, but it doesn't have to break your budget. At Sundance, our team will provide you with a beautifully functioning website that can support your brand and effectively communicate your product to your target market.

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Website Services We Offer

When you develop a website with rich content, beautiful imagery, and effective marketing functionality - the potential to grow your audience is limitless. Let us help you reach that digital potential through our website design and development services. Services we offer include:


Your brand is what you are, your service or product. It is an extension of what you want to convey to your audience and is a vital step in moving your business forward. A developed brand allows for easy brand recognition by customers and sets the tone for your product. At Sundance, our team will tackle your brand strategy, corporate identity and help you finetune your product messaging. A strong brand foundation allows your business to maintain consistent communication and messaging across both graphics and messaging. Creating a unique brand identity differentiates you from the competition and provides additional target audience recognition.

Content Creation & Keyword Marketing Strategies

While a beautiful website will stand out on its own, coupling imagery with keyword-rich content is necessary. Well-researched content placed with intent throughout your site will increase traffic and successfully describe your product to your target audience. At Sundance, we pay extra attention to the content that is placed on your website. We know how important keywords and content strategy is for website growth, and we use many marketing techniques to help our clients succeed. From our on-page SEO tactics of keyword research, demographic data & competitive analysis, we will set up the content on your website right the first time - to create a healthy foundation for the future.

Web Design

Web design makes a significant impact on how your target audience understands your business. As the fastest way to communicate your offerings to your customers, your web design needs to get your product information across in a non-cluttered way. It also needs to align directly with your company branding and identity. At Sundance, we offer web design packages that are unique, attractive, and get the point across. With a design focus that is intuitive and dynamic, our experienced team of graphic designers can digitally bring your brand and your product to life. Focused on the user experience first, our team will deliver a website that is easy to navigate and full of related branding and imagery.

Website Development and Programming

We don't just make a website that looks pretty. We make sure that every one of the websites we create is functional on all browsers, responsive, and easy to navigate. When we create your backend engine to drive your web design, we make sure that we hand-code your site or use a fully operational CMS (content management system) that will make your life that much easier. Each of our websites can be easily adapted to fit any custom applications such as Member Services, E-commerce Implementation, Shipping Modules, or just about anything necessary to make your site the tool your business requires.

Website Maintenance and Hosting

Leave the guesswork to us, and let us host and maintain your site. We offer a hosting service that is monitored around the clock. With top-of-class uptime, security, and backup - you won't ever have to worry about the integrity of your site again. We will also handle your system updates, performance issues or any needed security measure. It's all a part of our Complete Web Development package.

After The Build: Analytics and Reporting

Once your site is up and running - our job does not stop there. We will set up analytics tools that can help us track all visitors to your website and see any ways to increase your impressions. When we include this software that tracks customer interactions, we can develop user personas and identify areas where there may be problem areas or successful areas we can focus on more.

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Location & Hours

Headquartered in Central Florida, SunDance provides global solutions to companies large and small primarily in the Southeast United States.

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