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Branding is essential for any company, but the realities of branding for a larger corporation can become very involved. Corporate identity relies on ensuring that every piece of collateral, every touch point and every possible way the company can be perceived is consistent.

Maintaining the corporate image for many Fortune 500 and Inc. 5000 companies, SunDance specializes in corporate branding and maintaining brand standards.

Let us help you simplify the process by developing or managing your brand standards. We'll then take those standards and implement them throughout the production of your materials. Then, we can facilitate all your fulfillment needs including creating a branded storefront which remote locations can access to order. Complete with budgeting, reporting and shipping updates, we can even create customer facing storefronts to sell your materials to the public.

Brand Standards

SunDance partners with clients to determine the exact colors, fonts, designs, native files and other attributes which comprise your brand identity. The first step is to create a Brand Identity Style Guide to outline all of these elements in a concise document that can be shared with outside design firms, printers, advertisers, etc. These are also extremely important documents to adhere to within your organization. Let SunDance help you create the key to your brand.

Printing Standards

Printing Standards are important to create as different materials and finishes will change the tone of a specified color. SunDance takes pride in making sure every piece, no matter the printing process, material or finish matches the standards your Brand Style Guide outline.

Digital Standards

Your identity online, your website, your social media, in emails, or other digital interactions must adhere to the same standards. It's important to make sure that the final print and digital assets appear identical in every application. Let SunDance create the final artwork for both print and digital files to make sure your brand looks its best.

Digital Asset Management

We can even develop a Digital Asset Management system to allow remote users access to the files. This way every time your logo is recreated, worldwide, it carries the same level of professionalism, ensuring a cohesive look and feel.

Dynamic Collateral Creator

You need local ads, posters, postcards or other collateral for each of your locations, but they must follow your brand standards. SunDance had a number of clients whose marketing departments were overwhelmed with individual requests for ads or for approvals for such collateral. SunDance created custom collateral generators to help local managers to create their own ads within the brand standards. An approval system alerts the marketing team and they approve or deny the piece. Hotel chains in particular enjoy the consistent layout and artwork that these tools provide for each of their locations. These systems are even used to create digital ads, ensuring the main branding look is achieved no matter where the brand is represented.

Packaging, Fulfillment & Storage

Once your materials are created, SunDance can then compile all your materials, including kitting and specialty or customized packaging. Once packed for shipping, your shipments can be made to your headquarters, locations worldwide, affiliates, or directly to your customer. We even offer storage, allowing you to print more than you need immediately, while making the remaining stock available at a moment's notice.

Brand Storefronts

If you require a more involved collateral solution, SunDance develops and maintains these many international brands. Allow only your employees access, set budget limits for each, approval processes, billing accounts and ship under your own accounts to stay on top of your expenses. Many clients find that the implementation of such a system pays for itself in saved time, lost or spoiled materials and general waste. If it's time for your company to take control of your brand and expenses, contact SunDance today.

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