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Clear Labels

In this age of minimalism, less is often more. While packaging was all about bold colors and eye-catching designs a few years ago, the tides are changing towards a more stripped-back approach. And, clear labels are emerging as a clear favorite for brands aiming to appeal to millennial or Gen-x consumers.

This is such a popular choice, in fact, that top brands ranging from Landshark to Thymes are already enjoying the benefits. So, whether you want to increase the Instagram appeal of your packaging or simply highlight your products, clear solutions could be just the thing you’ve been looking for.

Enjoy clean, transparent advertising

Many brands fall back on go-to advertising tips and tricks to help their products stand out on the shelf. We’re talking bright colors, eye-catching fonts, and even fun label shapes to catch the eye.

But, modern consumers don’t always appreciate these sometimes brash techniques. Instead, they seek ethical, transparent brands that don’t need to hide behind their branding. And, that’s precisely the message you send when you use clear labels.

By highlighting your packaging, product, and simply focuses, clear labels can help you to create an immediately transparent relationship that conscious consumers are guaranteed to value. In other words, by not making an effort to stand out on the shelf, you could achieve just that.

Why not take clear labels even further, by using these to highlight your honest interactions or even your eco-conscious practices. This, paired with the green thumb printing available from SunDance, is sure to help you live and breathe the ethics that matter so much in this modern market.

Who benefits the most?

As with any packaging solution, specific industries are benefiting more than others from this clear label switch. In fact, the industries currently taking the helm on this packaging revolution include -

  • Food and drink
  • Health and beauty
  • Wines and spirits
  • Fashion
  • And more

In other words, any market that values clean, crisp products could probably benefit from clear label applications.

Could transparent labels work for you?

Transparent labels bring a host of undeniable benefits, including durability, weather-resistance, and adaptability that you’d struggle to find with many alternative labelling solutions. But, it’s also worth asking yourself the following question to decide, once and for all, whether transparent labels are the right solution for you -

  1. Do they fit with your brand message?
  2. Is your logo stripped back enough to work with transparent solutions?
  3. Does your packaging have the wow-factor?
  4. Can you incorporate color elsewhere?
  5. Would your audience appreciate the stripped-back approach?

Keep it clear and straightforward with SunDance

It isn’t just our 45 Florida Print Awards streak that makes us here at SunDance Orlando’s best printers. Rather, it’s our focus on design, production, service, and everything in between. With the latest technology and green focuses behind everything we do, we promise never to let you down when it comes to creating the best possible clear labels for your needs. Simply contact us to start discussing your options at 407-734-7444 today.

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