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Wayfinding and directional signs are commonplace throughout our society. From bathroom signs to four-way directional signs on posts, they are absolutely vital and some are often legally required within local building codes. Signs can be made from a number of different materials including acrylics, PVC, metals, wood or glass with various hardware from standoffs or metal frames to simply direct wall or door application.

Determining The Need

Not every location will require an all-out approach to wayfinding signs, bathroom signs, and traffic flow. However, where they are necessary, they can be absolutely vital to the functional flow of any given space. Prominent bathroom signage in restaurants and offices can improve the end user experience. While important in theaters and stadiums, directional signs become more important with the added number of locations users may be directed, such as theaters, seats, airport gates or hospital rooms. Let SunDance help you create a site plan for your project to determine the needs of your project.

Developing A Standard

After the needs are outlined and categorized, there needs to be a design standard that takes into consideration all of the available options necessary for all of the individual signs that will be created. There may be one standard for each door sign, another standard for each directional sign, and yet another for the main entrances. Still yet, you may want free standing four-way directional signs in high traffic areas. We even offer a four-way directional that can be moved and modified as your traffic flow changes. Allow SunDance to help you finalize all of the necessary standardization your project will require initially as well as in the future.

Designing For Production

Once you’ve decided on a design standard, you’ll need an experienced team like SunDance to make sure every aspect of production goes as smoothly as possible. From materials, to processes, coatings and the necessary hardware required for the project, SunDance has the experience necessary to plan for the success and continued lifespan of your facility.

Sign Production

The production process is where SunDance shines. All of the plans, standards and designs, culminate on the production floor. By manufacturing your pieces in-house from start to finish, SunDance can increase turnaround time while cutting costs, all while keeping the highest level of quality assurance possible. We know the final product will represent your facility for years to come, so we do whatever it takes to make sure it’s done right from the beginning.

Sign Installation

When all the manufacturing and parts are ready, let SunDance professionally install your new signage. Our experienced team oversees installations in the Orlando area, or we can help find you the right installer if your job is elsewhere.

Sign Upkeep & Maintenance

You may need to change or replace your signs from time to time. Specific names, room titles or damage outside your control, can all require updated signage. Other times, after installation the traffic flow contradicts the the original site plan and changes or additional signs may need to be considered. That’s when working with SunDance really pays off. We can create or recreate your signs to exactly match the original signs. We’ve even gone so far as to match aged signs when the original signs were bleached by the sun over a number of years.

Why SunDance?

SunDance has been making directional signs for years and much of the team has been doing it for even longer. We understand all the considerations for small to extremely large applications and how to produce consistent pieces over the lifetime of a facility. Contact us today about your project and let us show you what we can do for you.

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