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Anti-Copy Security Printing

While online and digital security may get more headlines, physical products, packaging and other printed materials are just as susceptible to fraud, especially as technological advancements further empower counterfeiters. Our investments in the latest security printing techniques have made us a leader in printing secure items such as tickets, gift certificates, raffles and promotional giveaways.

SunDance began producing Security Printing with Prescription Pads that contained multiple security features. In addition to many thousands of Rx Pads, we have also produced checks, tickets and certificates that needed similar identifying features. We’re committed to finding the perfect combination of features for each individual project.

Security Printing

  • Special paper stocks, foil accents or holograms can prevent photocopied gift certificates or event tickets while adding value to your design.
  • Infrared or UV inks are often used to validate event tickets have not been counterfeited.
  • Secure pharmaceutical labeling alerts doctors, pharmacists and even consumers that a product has been tampered with or is counterfeit.
  • Hidden codes on products designed for distribution only through authorized dealers or health care professionals can be identified if these products turn up for sale elsewhere. They can then be tracked directly back to the distribution source.

Copy Proof Specialty Paper

Checks and documents can be printed on specialty paper with specific color materials or inset security threads similar to currency. They can include a standard or custom Watermark, Tamper Resistant or Tamper Evident features and even Erasure Protection. With pantograph paper, you can even tell if a document has been scanned or copied and is not the original.

Anti-Counterfeit Security by Design

Design elements can provide an additional level of security. These include latent images, simulated watermarks or additional Copy Prohibitive features. A Guilloche, or tight geometric design such as found on currency, is difficult to reproduce. Microprint or Micro Printing is also nearly impossible to counterfeit. The design can even be laid out to coincide with layered features on both sides of the piece, allowing elements to become evident when the piece is held up to light.

Tamper Resistant Specialty Inks

Once ready to print, there are even more ways to deter fraud. Specialty inks such as Revealing Ink will show themselves only after being handled. Coin Reactive Ink will only be evident after being scratched by a coin. Thermochromics are temperature-sensitive inks that can be designed to be Sunlight Sensitive, Cold Sensitive, or Touch Sensitive, changing color, revealing themselves or hiding dependent on their environment. Fluorescent UV Red Ink and Infrared Inks can be entirely hidden unless viewed under UV or infrared lighting.

Additional Security Measures

Scratch Off sections can cover variably printed codes which are only revealed when scratched off. We can even finish it with variable holographic foil, making it all but impossible to copy.

There are a multitude of ways to protect sensitive documents and a wide range of products from fraud and counterfeiting.

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