Saddle Stitch Binding



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Saddle-Stitched Binding

Saddle-stitched binding is the simplest and most basic booklet binding methods. In the saddle-stitching process, large sheets of paper are folded in half, cut and stapled along the spine for a magazine-like appearance. This type of binding is often used for comic books, product manuals, small catalogs, promotional booklets and show dailies.             


Saddle stitching is the ideal solution for smaller sized run and jobs—typically with a 64 page count or less. Books with a larger number of pages will be too bulky and won’t lay flat when stitched in this way. Saddle-stitching works best for jobs that require a quick turnaround. Creating a saddle stitched book is more cost-effective than perfect-binding—making it the preferred technique for binding booklets, magazines, reports, programs, brochures, planners and even comic books.

Why Saddle-Stitching?

The saddle-stitching technique is the binding process of choice when timing is key and a quick turnaround is an absolute necessity. Offering the quickest turnaround time, a saddle-stitched bound book can be produced within hours. This process beats PUR (perfect binding) turnaround times as there is no curing needed—so the job can be turned around in hours, not days.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when considering a saddle stitching for your booklet.

Advantages of Saddle Stitching

  • Quickest binding option available
  • Lowest cost
  • Techniques like gate-fold and fold-outs can be used
  • Ability to self-cover or use a separate cover stock

Limitations of Saddle Stitching

  • Not designed for long-term, heavy use
  • Limitations on paper variations
  • The spine is not printable
  • Documents larger than 64 pages won’t lay flat
  • Design adjustments for creep is necessary on higher page counts

Saddle-Stitched v. Perfect Binding

Saddle Stitching

With this method, sheets are cut, folded, and stapled twice along the spine for a magazine-like appearance. This means that the crossovers easier and more visible. Saddle-stitching works best for booklets of 64 pages or less. This style is ideal for smaller runs, or variable content that needs to be customizedduring the production process.Saddle stitching is ideal for booklets or brochures with a short lifespan, like magazines, small catalogs,event programs, marketing booklets and comic books.

Perfect binding

With perfect binding, the pages of the book are not folded. Instead they are assembled together and glued along the spine along with the cover. When the adhesive dries—this takes only seconds—the pages are secured firmly in place. With perfect bound books, the crossovers require more attention as they are not completely visible when the book is open.Perfect binding is ideal for pieces that will be used heavily or for a long period of time.

Saddle-Stitched Dailies

SunDance is the local leader at printing convention programs, sometimes referred to as a "Show Daily" or "Show Dailies." These show dailies serve as an itinerary for your conference or trade show and can also serve as an advertising platform. At SunDance, we have lightning-fast turnaround timesto ensure your job always gets delivered on time. We are also the closest full-service printing facility to the Orange County Convention Center—allowing us to offer same day delivery throughout the Central Florida!

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SunDance Knows Saddle-Stitching

We know that your saddle-stitched piece has to be done right and delivered on time, every time. SunDance runs flexible shifts around the clock to make sure we are here to serve you when you need us.When time is short and you need to come through for an event, reach out to us! SunDance will keep your event running smoothly and make sure your printed and bound materials exceed all expectations.

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