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Branding, Rebranding & Brand Management

The face of a company, or brand, needs to be created, cultivated and tended to with the same attention to detail as every other aspect of your business. Brand awareness and name recognition in any market is rarely due to chance. It requires a simple to complex Branding Strategy complete with Brand Standards.

Brand Standards or Brand Guidelines are a document specifying how a company’s logo, colors, layouts, messaging, imagery and even the voice of the writing will be handled. Many even outline the way the company is to be referred to in marketing copy.

This creates a Brand Consistency that increases the perceived value of a company, their goods or services. It conveys trust and longevity, which can increase conversions.

Additionally, it saves time and money given that these Brand Standards can be used to develop future material that will be in-line with existing messaging and imagery. We are branding experts who can step in at any phase in the life of your brand. Bring us a concept and your ideas for us to help you create something special, complete with domain name research and focus group testing. Bring us your existing brand to tighten up your standards and create a system moving forward.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you through a redesign, branding campaign or complete rebrand.

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Headquartered in Central Florida, SunDance provides global solutions to companies large and small primarily in the Southeast United States.

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