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Match Mailing Services

Increase engagement and response rates to your direct mail marketing by communicating directly and personally to recipients with our match mailing services. It works by producing, matching, and inserting multiple personalized pieces into a single mail package. Whether you want to create more engaging direct mail or protect your customer’s private information, match mailing makes it easier to achieve your objective. See how match mailing works and the benefits it offers for businesses that use mail to communicate with their target audience.

What is Match Mailing?

Match mail is an automated process that scans the content of print pieces and confirms that the pieces are matched correctly together. SunDance can help you match an envelope to a letter, which is called a ‘two-way match’ and the most basic example of match mailing. With our extensive experience and top-of-the-line machines, we can immediately identify mismatches and get the run back on track to perfectly assembled mail.

These uniquely personalized mail packages can contain up to nine print pieces to entice, motivate, captivate, or stimulate your targeted audience. Do you want the print pieces to be in a particular order? Let us know and we’ll make sure insertion is set to your preference.

SunDance’s Match Mailing Equipment

Our in-house match mailing equipment delivers the reliability and speed you need for effective direct mail campaigns. It has fast, reliable folding and inserting so the right contents always go into the right envelope. We have the flexibility to handle both letters and flats in the same job which reduces time and labour. Our equipment can also meet the demands of higher volume mailings by adding up to two high-capacity sheet feeders, a relatively simple modification.

Mail accuracy is essential when it comes to information privacy and customer retention. With multiple barcode scanning options like OMR, 1D, and 2D, your variable page mail will be accurately assembled, eliminating the need to manually sort the pieces by page count

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Keep Personal Information Private

Our match mailing equipment has advanced file-based processing capabilities with checks and cross-checks for every page in your mailing. This allows for total visibility to each mail piece and safeguards any private information that recipients have entrusted to you. Sending personalized mail to the wrong person erodes the recipient's confidence in your brand, not to mention it’s annoying. The mistake is particularly egregious when you’re dealing with people’s personal information. Avoid privacy violations and legal issues by ensuring your mailings are matched and sent to the right recipients.

Orlando Match Mailing Services

SunDance offers a wide range of mailing services such as direct mail, list acquisition, match mailing, and database management to ensure your mailings are cost-effective and on-time. With our match mailing services, your company can see better results from direct mail campaigns by personalizing the message and creating a sense of familiarity with recipients than what generic mail can. Get in touch with SunDance today to see how to match mailing can improve the accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness of your direct mail.

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