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custom mylar bags custom mylar bags

A custom bag is a perfect way to showcase your brand message and protect your product within. These bags are ideal for food, herbal, and supplement products and are known within the industry for strength, durability, and extending shelf life. These bags, generically known as “mylar bags,” are a fantastic option to safely contain product while also projecting your brand on the outside.

Every one of these bags we produce is made with your own brand designs and printed using rich, dynamic colors. Thanks to our experience and skill within the printing industry, we can provide an excellent product that is a perfect way to share your brand message on the outside and preserve the contents within.

Why You Need Custom Mylar Bags

Our high-quality and odor-resistant pouches are ideal for packaging sensitive materials that may need additional odor protection or barrier. Not only are these bags great to secure your product, but they are another great way to market your product to your audience. Some additional benefits of our PET pouches include:

Brand Recognition: A successfully designed and branded pouch is another marketing tool you can use to improve your relationship with your customers and continue to build and foster new leads.

Child-Resistant Features: The opaque appearance, odor-blocking properties, and resealable design make these pouches a great child-resistant option. 

Odor & Moisture Resistant: The material construction of our pouches helps slow moisture and oxygen entering the bag. 

Secure Seal: The secure seal and zipper feature provides an easy open/resealable closure that secures and protects contents within, keeping it fresh and safe. We also offer standard press-to-close options and other child-resistant zipper closures. 

Custom OptionsChoose from many material options and finishes, available in various sustainable materials, including compostable and in-store drop-off recyclable films. Customize options to fit your brands, such as spot embellishments like holograms/glitter or your choice of gloss or matte varnishes.

Die Cut Mylar Bags: Give your product dimension and capture your consumer attention quickly with a custom shape pouch. Your flexible pouch can be produced to enhance the product experience and add intrigue when potential buyers are scanning the shelf.

Create Your Custom Printed Pouches Today

Whether you have a clear vision of the pouch you require or need our expert guidance to help you choose sizes, finishes, and artwork, Sundance offers a comprehensive service that can help. To find out more about what products are available or start your project in style, contact us today.

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