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SunDance offers Saddle Stitching and PUR Perfect Binding, but spiral and ring binding offer quick, cost-effective methods to produce a wide array of professional-looking pieces in large or small runs. Unlike most printers, SunDance offers a number of bindery options in-house, reducing shipping costs and turnaround time, while maintaining the highest level of quality assurance.
Read on to find out more about these processes, or contact us right now to find out which bindery option is right for you and your project.

Spiral, Plastic Coil and Spiro Binding

Spiral binding is most commonly found in notebooks. The immediately identifiable and universally accepted platform is done by drilling holes in the paper stack, then feeding a coil through the holes and pinching down the ends. The final product is a light to medium-duty product that can serve as a book or be used to dispense paper. Micro-edge cutting makes the pages tear away cleanly or a thicker stock makes pages less prone to tears.
The coil in Spiral bound materials can be made of metal, plastic coated metal or even plastic, some under product names such as Spiro. Decisions on the specific type should be made based on the final usage of the product, shipping and storage concerns, and the desired product lifespan.
From company booklets to notebooks or even standardized forms, metal or plastic coil spiral binding may be the right choice for you.

Wire-O Binding

Wire-O Binding

Wire-O is a brand name product made of metal coils that do not rotate but create a static spine and teeth upon which the paper or covers glide. It makes for an extremely professional presentation, even on a budget. While the paper is similarly drilled like the spiral, the spines are inserted through and then secured together around the paper. The spines can be reopened to add or remove pages, making it extremely versatile in uses such as restaurant menus or hotel room service books. Wire-O bound books are usually stronger than spiral bound materials and have a more expensive feel.

Concealed Wire-O Binding

Concealed Wire-O Binding

Hiding the Wire-O binding behind a cover creates a gorgeous new way to raise the production quality of any piece. By connecting to the binding on the back, the cover can then overfold the piece, creating a faux outer boxed spine that wraps around the Wire-O. This spine can even have cutouts, exposing the internal spine for an impressively unique look with the right color combinations.

Circa Disc Binding

Ring Binding & Circa Disc

The 3-Ring Binder is a staple in schools, business, presentations and even scrapbooks. The classic 3-ring bound folder has three rings that open and close to lock in the materials. However, there are many different styles and hole pattern systems to pick from, depending on the end product and media size. Other styles with solid rings and notches called Circa Discs create an elegant fresh look, while being versatile enough to easily add or remove pages. The cover of your binder can be made out of just about any substrate, from vinyl wrapped cardboard to PVC printed on either side. As well, there are different ways to look at the binder, including flaps, pockets or fasteners. The traditional spine mechanism does not have to be applied to the cover spine, but can be applied to the back of your cover, or the back of your piece with no cover at all.

GBC & Plastic Comb Spine Binding

GBC is a manufacturer that produces a plastic comb style spine bindery system. The plastic comb is a one-piece spine with teeth that are fed through the drilled holes in the paper. While the GBC system was once very popular due to its cost-effectiveness in producing professionally bound materials in small office settings, it’s no longer commonly used in professional printing.

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Spiral and ring bound not what you’re looking for?
SunDance also offers Saddle Stitching and PUR Perfect Binding.

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