Geo Mapping

Geo Mapping is the latest innovation in direct mail and an exciting new way to make personalized direct mail pieces even more effective for location-based businesses. Imagine being able to send a bulk mailing to your entire list with a personalized message for each recipient including your nearest location. Now you can.

By using specialized geo-mapping software that runs the mailing list against your locations, and an effective design to properly leverage the dynamic content, a direct mail piece can now include the nearest location with a picture, contact information, hours and even the distance and directions. When you take advantage of distance calculation in geo mapping, it's even possible to create a personalized map on each piece you send out; from your end user, right to the front door of your nearest location. This is a game changer which can only increase response rates.

Variable data used to personalize direct mail pieces has been proven to increase response rates. Including the end user’s name in the piece, their city or other specific information increases the value of the touch point. However, combining that variable data with location-specific results truly unleashes the power of personalization.

This makes it possible for chain and multi-location businesses such as retail, restaurants, services such as automotive, or even healthcare networks to transform every individual piece they mail into a personalized experience, directly connecting with the end user like never before.

From the nearest restaurant to the closest oil change shop or even the nearest emergency medical facility, this additional aspect allows a large run piece to be personalized, providing a better user experience and making concerns about inbound response a thing of the past. Additionally, there’s no longer a need to design for and dedicate large areas of a piece to maps intended to explain your location from the point of view of your entire metro area. Now you can give end users a personalized map from their location.

Even if your business relies on predetermined territories, such as pizza delivery, real estate firms or companies with sales territories, geo mapping can be combined with the territory data to create the same effect, giving the end user the proper location with distance and directions.

Temporary locations such as Realtor listings, seasonal shops and stands, or even one-time events can utilize geo mapping to get the word out about a specific location at exactly the right time. Now every mailbox within a mile or ten miles from your location can receive directions and a map to your location.

The possibilities are actually limitless with the progression of ever-evolving technologies. This includes the ways they are used or in combination with other data or processes. You may very well have an even better way to leverage the technology in your project. Or bring us your project and let us come up with solutions for you. Being on the cutting edge of innovation means experimenting on the path to further honing our craft and the ways we can utilize the latest technology to provide better results for our clients on every mailing.

Reach out today and together let's explore all the options available for your next direct mailing, from planning to designing, mailing and even implementing reporting techniques to determine effectiveness.


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