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Society today has begun to shift away from the typical throw-away culture and toward opportunities to develop solutions for environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging. This has left many companies scrambling to create solutions to meet these environmentally friendly, sustainable options. SunDance offers creative and environmentally friendly flexible packaging solutions to align and support both, your customers and company, sustainability goals.

What is Environmentally Friendly Flexible Packaging?

Flexible packaging uses non-rigid materials, providing a product that is both pliant and moldable. Types of flexible packages include pouches, bags, liners, shrink-wrap labels, or wrappers. The benefit of flexible packages allows for both customizable, economical, and environmentally friendly options.

How is Flexible Packaging Environmentally Friendly?

Flexible packaging has numerous advantages, from being lightweight to protecting and preserving products. It’s eco-friendly construction requires less water and energy to manufacture and transport. It uses less environmental materials to manufacture, and the result is both lightweight and durable.

How Sundance Supports Environmentally Friendly Practices

SunDance considers the environmental impact of every product we produce. Dedicated to being responsible stewards of our global ecosystem, we follow many environmentally friendly practices such as:

Supply Chain Management: We know where our raw materials are coming from. Whenever possible, we source sustainable packaging materials derived from renewable resources or with low environmental impact and stay clear of any destructive practices.

Creative Packages: Every product and package is different. Designing a package around a product develops a solution that is lighter, stronger, and smarter. This process also minimizes waste, maximizes printing resources, and protects the product with the best custom packaging possible.

Environmentally Friendly Inks: When possible, we use low VOC solvents and vegetable-based inks.

Digital Printing: On-demand digital printing allows us to provide our customers with cost-effective short runs with rapid turnaround times. The digital printing process not only offers a customer the flexibility to print exactly what they want, but it also decreases inventory and minimizes the waste generated by excess.

Give Mother Earth a Break with Our Environmentally Friendly Flexible Packaging

When you are ready to begin your production and need an eco-friendly option for your packages, look to our flexible packaging options. We can provide your brand with both the design and branding wow factor while also providing the stamp of our eco-friendly processes.

Our experts can help with the design work or simply bring your designs to life. Either way, the quality of the product and the comfort of knowing that our flexible packaging is both custom and beautiful as it is environmentally friendly - is just a few clicks away.


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