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Foil Labels

Whether you’re looking to sell a high-end product or simply want to add a finish with wow-factor, foil labels are the way forward. These sleek, stylish designs are guaranteed to catch the eye of any keen consumer as they browse the shelves.

In recent years, especially, top market contenders have been making the most of this glamorous labelling

option. In fact, as rose gold becomes a standard in everything from book covers to home decor, you could say that foil labels are one sure way to remain ahead.

Whether you’re selling stand-alone or competing in large stores, our foil label solutions could be just the thing to see your sales soaring. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start planning your foil label designs today!

Popular markets for foil finishes

Any market can benefit from the sparkle and jazz that foil labels bring, but some industries are flying ahead in terms of foil usage, and the top contenders of the moment include -

  • Food and beverage
  • Bath and beauty
  • Health
  • Promotional

Cold foil stamping seems especially popular within these applications, allowing as it does for different colors, sizes, and more to suit labels to exact brand designs every time—all without the work inherent in many other applications out there.

Cost-effective quality

It’s easy to assume foil labels will cost more than standard paper or film options. After all, the materials alone seem like they would set you back. Surely, attractive finishes like these aren’t going to come cheap

Or, are they? In truth, foil labels, especially when created with cold foil stamping as discussed above, are an incredibly cost-effective solution. This is because, despite adding undeniable luxury, labels like these are printed on either metalized silver paper or foil film, neither of which are going to break the bank.

Yet, it’s fair to say that the touch of glamour these labels bring could boost your sales, and even see you charging higher price points. The result? A labelling solution that saves you money while still managing to boost your profits.

Choosing your materials

As mentioned, foil labels typically rely on either metalized silver paper or foil film. Both can offer fantastic benefits, but how do you know which is the ideal solution for you?

  • Foil film is the best labelling solution for products that face moisture, condensation, or abrasion of any kind. While the most expensive of the two materials, its durability and higher levels of shine still make it a tempting option for many.
  • Metalized silver paper is best for dry and cool applications, but it does come at a typically cheaper price tag, meaning that it still deserves your consideration. While it doesn’t offer quite the same shine finish as foil film, this material still brings a touch of glamour, all without breaking the bank.

Here at SunDance, we’re proud to offer a range of fully customizable foil labels to suit your every application, budget, and logo requirement. Simply contact us to get started at 407-734-7444 today.

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