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Special Finishes for Pouches

Finishing touches can elevate your flexible packaging and give your pouches pizzazz. Just like a great dish deserves a complimentary sauce, a great pouch deserves a special finish.

In the consumer package goods industry, where shelf appeal is king, finishing your flexible pouches with a special flourish gives your product a distinct advantage. Four flexible pouch finishes are especially popular with product marketers and package designers. And other finishing touches are also available.

Four Finishes That Will Wow Your Customers

Like flexible packaging and pouches, special finishes come in many types, from cold foils and holographic foils to spot colors and spot UV/varnish. These flourishes can be applied to virtually any flexible pouch, including die-cast pouches with unique shapes.

Cold Foils. The cold foil technique prints metallic foil on a substrate (the primary layer of the pouch). Using a standard printing plate, an image is printed onto the substrate with the application of a cold foil adhesive. A dryer sets the adhesive, making it tacky to the touch. Foil placed over the substrate adheres to it, producing an image with a bright foil surface. Because it uses printing plates instead of foil stamping tools, this process is fast and cost-effective. Cold foil images can also be varnished or laminated to protect them, add further interest, and create a strong, durable package.

Spot UV/Varnish. This technique applies a clear shiny or matte coating to a specific area of a printed pouch, such as an important image. This process adds depth and contrast to any area you want to spotlight, drawing consumer attention to your most compelling image or text. Spot UV/varnish is a rich finish for many printed materials, including flexible packaging and pouches.

Holographic Foils. Holography is a technique that creates the appearance of three-dimensional images, producing eye-popping effects. It can also be used to add product security and anti-counterfeiting features. Our holography process uses a special film with a micro-embossed holographic pattern. Once a coating is applied to the substrate, the film is laid over it and run through a dryer to set. When the film is removed, the holographic effect remains on the substrate. It’s a special finish that really makes a statement.

Spot Color. This technique uses solid colors created from premixed inks that conform to the universal Pantone Matching System. Use of the PMS system guarantees that the colors you specify will be the colors that are printed on your flexible packaging or pouch, every time, in every print run, without variation. In this way, spot color maintains your branding and logo color standards and ensures consistency. It’s no wonder spot color is such a popular finishing option for pouches and other flexible packaging.

For any business who wants to showcase a product and dominate the shelf, special finishes for pouches can produce amazing results. Bring your imagination to SunDance. We’ll bring our award-winning skills to your project. Together, we’ll produce a perfect pouch with a wow-factor finish.

Read more about pouch packaging finishes on the SunDance blog.

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