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Experiential Interior Design Services

Every time someone walks through, touches and interacts with your space, you have an opportunity to create a lasting impression. Experiential Interior Design takes conventional interior design concepts such as color and lighting and pairs them with elements like multi-layered wall coverings, ceiling and flooring effects, and non-traditional materials.Through Experiential Interior Design, you can tailor the way that your customers, clients and employees engage with your environment.

Experiential Interior Design allows you to enhance your workspace while motivating sales, inspiring trust, and elevating your brand. SunDance combines award-winning design, large-format and specialty printing techniques, and expert installation to transform your interior into a completely immersive experience.

Our Process

At the beginning of an Experiential Interior Design project, we first evaluate user behaviors and spacial interactions to create a strategy for total brand engagement. Our expertise in three-dimensional graphic design, combined with in-house large-format and specialty printing capabilities, allow us to create transformative experiences from concept to installation.

This innovative approach lets your brand make a statement while increasing the functionality and accessibility of your space. Studies show that a creative environment both inspires employees and earns respect from clients or customers. Whether you’re looking to revamp your entryway, lobby space, or your entire office or retail store, we have more options available than ever before.

Experiential Interior Design Services

Our Experiential Interior Design services include:

• Graphic Design and Consulting Services
• Site Planning
• Concept Renderings
• Directional and Wayfinding Signs
• Exterior and Interior Signs
• Retractable Banners and Wall Banners
• Wall Wraps and Ceiling Graphics
• Graphic Floors
• Commercial Wallpaper
• Large-Format Printing
• Specialty Capabilities—Metal, Plastic, Plexiglass and More
• Expert Installation and Maintenance

Concept and Design

SunDance approaches every Experiential Interior Design project with a focus on turning the overall environment into brand touchpoint. Our creative team will work with you to draw your customers into your space and engage them in an immersive way. We can design and source materials for every step of the project, from wall wraps and floor graphics to custom signage and multi-media elements.

What sets us apart is our ability to look at the overall picture. We do more than simply create customized materials for your space—we take every part of your brand into account and create a plan for transforming your environment into a distinct experience. SunDance can walk you through the process, from site planning and concept renderings to material selection and installation.

Workplace Design

The overall design and culture of a workplace have become an essential element in recruiting and retention. An employee's emotional and psychological connection to their job affects performance and feelings of satisfaction. One way your company can ensure your space meets the needs of its users is to observe the way people currently interact with the space on a day-to-day basis. We can use this information to transform the design into a more supportive and productive space through Experiential Interior Design.
For example, there may be missed opportunities for social interaction and collaboration or spaces for reflection and concentration. We use a holistic approach encourages productive behaviors while better aligning the space with your company's specific values. Expressing your company culture through Experiential Interior design helps your employees engage with your brand in a positive and consistent way every day—all while enhancing the overall quality of life for your team.

Retail Design

In a retail environment, it's important to represent the culture of the brand while differentiating yourself from your competitors. Immersive retail design creates a distinct feeling from the moment you step through the doors to beyond the point of purchase. SunDance can print custom wallpaper for your store, tailor graphic floors to your specific layout and find ways to incorporate unique branded elements into every aspect of the retail environment to enhance the overall shopping experience.

Customer Experience and User Engagement

Making your interior engaging means taking into account all the ways your customers interact with your space. We address all the senses to heighten the overall experience. Sight, sound, and touch all play into the process of Experiential Interior Design.

SunDance will create the full spectrum of components necessary to transform the space. Visually we incorporate art, textures, wall and window coverings, lighting, use of color and more. The sense of touch is utilized with furnishings, finishes, and any materials that the user will physically interact with. We can find ways to acoustically enhance the environment through the use of sound-dampening materials, window treatments, and other strategically placed design elements. With our expertise, we can help you transform your interior into an immersive experience that tells the story of your brand through the environment.

Specialty Materials and Wide Format Printing

Effective Experiential Interior Design uses a variety of materials and techniques across all mediums. SunDance has the in-house capabilities and connections to create anything you can imagine.
We can print in large format on nearly any flat surface, including reclaimed woods, glass, acrylic, metal, ceiling tiles, ceramic tiles, or doors. If you want to look of wood but the flexibility of a wrap, we can create faux wood vinyl wraps cut to any shape and size. We can also produce fabrics for curtains and furniture, custom commercial wallpaper, vinyl cut outs, large banners or custom posters and prints on papers.

• Large-format Printing on Custom Materials
• Wood with Engraving Capabilities
• Glass, Acrylic and Metal
• Ceramic Tiles
• Ceiling Tiles
• Custom Doors
• Large Banners and Posters

Signage and Wayfinding

Effective signage is used to display a company's brand, relay important information and ensure an intuitive guest experience. Wayfinding signs are essential for navigating complex spaces like airports, hospitals, large offices and commercial buildings. SunDance can advise, create, and install critical signage for your business while adhering to strict brand standards across all materials.

• Room Signs
• Information Sings
• Directional Signs
• Egress Signs
• Stair and Elevator Signs
• Restroom Signs
• Promotional Signs

Event and Exhibit Design

Experiential Interior Design can also be used for temporary installations and exhibits. This comprehensive design solution is essential to demonstrating messages and designating space through graphic design, architectural elements, audio and visual media, lighting, and more. We can transform a space for museum exhibitions, corporate meetings and conventions, fundraising events and more.

SunDance can help create a plan to enhance the overall experience at your next event. We regularly work with local Interior Designers, Design Firms and Event Coordinators to create amazing and memorable spaces.

• Art Installations
• Conventions and Exhibitions
• Company Meetings
• Museum Exhibits
• Concerts and Plays
• Community Projects
• Fundraising Events

Partnering with SunDance

Are you ready to revolutionize your space with Experiential Interior Design? Finding an experienced partner who understands the unique needs of your business can be a challenge.Our experience and capabilities allow us to provide a full range of design solutions to full utilize and enhance your space. With our array on in-house capabilities and services, we can offer more flexibility and creativity throughout the entire process.

SunDance is a leader in Experiential Design, offering site planning, concept design, sourcing, production and installation. Together we can develop a truly customized space that reflects your brand’s message and purpose. Let our experienced team help you with your concept, design and execution. It’s our job to make you look good for a long time to come.

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