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Film Labels

Ever since their introduction to the market in the early 1950s, film labels have taken the helm for durability, water resistance, and general aesthetic appeal. As well as optimizing your products to a guaranteed next level, labels like these offer ease, even if you’re storing or selling in adverse conditions.

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Long shelf-lives, tear-resistance, and UV durability are just some of the reasons labels like these may suit your packaging applications. You certainly wouldn’t be alone in selecting the sleek finishes on offer from such label solutions.

Of course, as with any packaging for your brand, you won’t want to take our word for that. Instead, you must understand the ins and outs of film labels so you, too, can enjoy the multitude of benefits they bring.

Film labels - the materials

Originally, film labels were purely PVC-based, but some initial teething problems with attaching labels to rounded containers led to the introduction of many more film materials. While PVC is still a popular option, you’ll likely face three leading material contenders during your search, which are -

  • PVC - Made from the polyvinyl film, PVC remains the best film for withstanding environmental factors. As well as enduring cold and heat, PVC labels can hold their own against fats, oils, and other chemicals. Labels of this material will also stick to uneven surfaces where necessary and can withstand seawater, making them appealing for long-distance shipping.
  • PE - PE labels, made from polyethene film, are another largely weather-resistant favorite, and can again withstand heat, cold, and water. Unlike PVC, however, PE labels don’t hold up well against UV rays, meaning they are liable to fade when stored outside.
  • PP - Lastly is PP films made from polypropylene. These are perhaps your most robust option, though they generally work best on rigid and round containers. Again, they can withstand most temperatures and tend to be incredibly tear-resistant.

When considering which material could be right, keep critical considerations in mind, such as your storage and transport solutions. That way, you can guarantee appearances on arrival and beyond.

When are film labels right for you?

Film labels are a fantastic packaging solution for all manner of manufacturers. As such, you may find this is the best option whether you’re dealing with outside warehouse solutions or are selling online. Still, some reasons why film labels might be right for you include -

  • You ship long distances
  • You store products outside
  • Your labels are often exposed to UV
  • You work with round or uneven containers

Film labels from SunDance

As one of Orlando’s best printers, we at SunDance are proud to offer film labels that are sure to suit a range of applications. Even better, we offer a complete film label service alongside the latest printing equipment, environmental-consciousness at all times, and a concierge level of customer service. We even have an astounding 45 Florida Print Awards to prove why we’re the best printers for the job. So, don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your film label needs at 407-734-7444 today.

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