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Labels provide specific branding and information about the product ingredients, should it also include a tracking system on your product? A tracking system provides your business with additional data and information so you can accurately document and follow the path of every product through its lifecycle. From the warehouse floor to inventory management and retail sales transactions, a good tracking system is critical to your product's continued success.

Considered a newer technology on the market today, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an excellent tracking system that provides an extremely efficient and robust operations path. RFID labels are simple circuits that you can attach to products. The label uses low-power radio waves to send and receive data between itself and its designated tag readers. When the label is connected with the reader, it shares the product information back to the user.

Benefits of using RFID labels

Traditional Barcode readers rely on a beam of light to read the black and white pattern printed on an adhesive tag. Unfortunately, these labels can only store limited information, look cheap, and be susceptible to wear and tear over time.

When you use a RFID label, you do not have to worry about any of those above issues. Since a RFID label uses radio signals, it eliminates the necessity to be scanned directly and individually by a label reader. Multiple RFID labels can be scanned simultaneously from a distance away from the reader, and their data transmitted instantly. This reduces the time-consuming manual scan process from more traditional barcode methods.

RFID labels can also be programmed with unique data about each item. This data can then be updated and changed remotely via the mobile RFID scanner. Barcode scanners are only read-only and require manual scans, which can make the processing time consuming and more fraught with human error.

Who's using RFID labels?

Traditionally, RFID labels were one of the most expensive identification methods available in the market. However, recent developments with the technology have made these labels readily available for a multitude of product uses at competitive prices. If you begin to look around, you can see RFID on a wide array of products. Companies have begun to realize that the benefits of using a RFID label will help with product inventory, tracking, and managing their business solutions. Products that can benefit from RFID labels today are:

  • Clothing merchandise
  • Non Perishable food products
  • Books
  • Make-up
  • Beauty supplies
  • And much more!

Why choose SunDance for your RFID label

SunDance we can create any custom RFID labels to fit your product needs. These labels can be as small as a fingerprint to as large as a piece of paper! No matter what you are looking for, your custom made RFID labels will seamlessly fit with any product you want to pair them with.

We only use the highest quality printing and the most innovative processes, and we can ensure that our printing services will achieve your project's goal. When you are ready to place a RFID label on your product, reach out to our team today!

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