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Remarket With SunDance Direct Plus

Discover, nurture, and motivate your customers to take action with our latest marketing solution: SunDance Direct Plus. SunDance Direct Plus combines our decades-long experience with direct mail and print advertisements with highly targeted online digital advertisements. The combination of print and digital marketing tactics speaks to your customers in two different ways providing greater response rates and exposure.


This multi-channel targeted advertisement technique is perfect for addressing customers via direct mail pieces and digitally. Online, our program collects anonymous, cookie-free IP addresses for your website’s visitors. The program then runs them through a reverse append algorithm and cross-checks the data with 3rd party providers. The result is a clean data file that can be used in a multi-faceted marketing campaign that reaches back out to your customer pool via digital and direct mail drops.

SunDance Direct Plus Program Options

With SunDance Direct Plus, you have various program options to choose from. From the duration of ad displays to pinpointing specific customers to target, we can finely tune each campaign to fit your marketing strategy. The number of views is dependent on your specific website traffic, and the click rate rate will vary. Some of the Direct Plus options include:

  • Display ads are shown to the specified database (or a procured list) by appending the IP addresses with an 80-90% match rate.
  • Anonymous website visitors are matched at a 10 - 15% rate and shown display ads.
  • Direct mail package/postcard can be sent to both databases, lists, and anonymous visitors.
  • Direct mail drop display ads can be shown to a recipient for up to 30 days.
  • Anonymous website visitors are matched at a 2-5% rate and shown targeted display ads.
  • Direct mail package/postcard is sent to anonymous visitors weekly.
  • Post direct mail drop display ads are shown to the recipient for up to 30 days.

SunDance Direct Plus Benefits

SunDance Direct Plus focuses on precision marketing. By directly targeting high potential customers who have already visited your site, we encourage brand loyalty and spur buying behavior. Our program options provide an extra solution to keep customers on your webpages or to entice them into coming back if they left. Some benefits of using SunDance Direct Plus include:

  • Reach your customers on multiple platforms.
  • Discover potential new customers early in the sales funnel.
  • Provide customers the power to choose when and how they engage with you.
  • Offer subtle brand re-enforcement to nurture and grow leads.
  • Track, measure, tweak and repeat the process to optimize ROI.

Trust Sundance For Your Remarket Campaign

As part of the buying process, people bounce around from one website to the next or even search for days before choosing a product. To keep your company top of mind and reminded of your product - choose SunDance Direct Plus. Our print ads coupled with digital lead nurturing puts your product in front of the customer and at the top of the funnel. Don't spend your marketing budget on untargeted, generic ads. Partner with SunDance today for a turnkey solution from start to finish.

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