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Make a Big Impact with Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing Services

If you want to make a real impact, you need to go big. Wide format printing is an effective way to promote and extend your brand’s image and message on a large scale. SunDance offers an extensive range of large format printing services to accommodate your specific needs. From custom posters and wall wraps to point-of-sale displays, banners and complete trade show booths, we make it easy to create a professional look in a BIG way.

SunDance uses high-quality, durable materials, UV protection, and custom finishes to make your large format print look great and last a long time. Our high-resolution digital printing techniques allow us to run jobs on a small or large scale with a range of materials—from flexible window clings and waterproof banners to rigid displays and metal signs. We do all our jobs in-house at our Central Florida facility to ensure the highest quality of customer service, communication and attention throughout the process.

Flexible Large Format Printing

Flexible large format printing options are perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses. SunDance can print on a range of substrates including vinyl, fabric, canvas, mesh and paper. These materials lend themselves well to signs, banners, wall wraps, vehicle wraps, window graphics, giclee, tradeshow booths, signage for fencing, art prints and posters. We can customize any printed piece to work well for indoor or outdoor use, based on the materials and finishes.

When planning your project, SunDance will work closely with you to review a variety of factors that may impact your signage. Total amount of time in direct sunlight, temperature, location of application, and overall lifespan are all important considerations to make. The team at SunDance will assist from creation to installation to ensure that your project is designed and executed to meet your needs.

Outdoor Signage — We offer long-lasting options for outdoor advertising, including UV protective coatings to withstand the elements. If you're hanging a sign in a windy area, we can create mesh, weatherproof banners that will stay exactly where you need them to.

Outdoor Signage SunDance Orlando Florida

Wide Format Lamination — Proper lamination can be a key component to successful wide-format print finishing. The lamination film protects your signage from environmental conditions and surface wear, extending the life of your sign. Lamination can also enhance the overall appearance, giving it a vibrant gloss or textured finish.

Wide Format Lamination SunDance Orlando Florida

Train and Bus Wraps — Transit wraps are specially formulated to resist sun, moisture, temperature and other environmental factors for up to 12 months, while remaining easily removable. They also appear transparent from the inside, so they will not impede visibility.

Wide Format Bus Prints SunDance Orlando Florida

Non-Slip Indoor Floor Advertising — Use floor advertising in front of your displays to increase your product presence. These pieces are designed to withstand foot traffic, floor buffers, chemicals and cleaners, all while maintaining ASTM non-slip standards.

Custom Booth Flooring SunDance Orlando Florida

Retractable Pop-Up Banners — Perfect for indoor displays where portability and ease of set-up are important. SunDance uses custom printing techniques to design banners that will attract attention and drive traffic. Our ready-to-use retractable vinyl banners are durable and reusable. This type of signage is perfect for trade shows, conventions, point of sale displays, lobbies, and events. A sturdy frame holds the banner in place, while the retractable hardware allows for easy transporting and set-up. No special hardware or expertise is needed to set up and roll-up the banner stand, making it ideal for quick installation.

Retractable Popup Banners SunDance Orlando Florida

Posters — Custom Posters are a great choice for showing off full-color, visually rich graphics. A well-designed promotional poster can be one of the best ways to reach your audience. Posters can be used at events and businesses, or distributed to customers as collector items and promo pieces. Used in high traffic areas, posters add value to your brand while highlighting promotions, information, events, and more.

Custom Large Commercial Posters SunDance Orlando Florida

Window Clings — Consider durable window clings to announce a special event, sale or partnership. Draw in customers easily with eye-catching window graphics. Window clings are simple to install and quick to take down when needed. Because of their ease of use and versatility, they are great for short-term promotions and offers.

Large Window Clings SunDance Orlando Florida

Banner Printing — Take your next event to the next level with a large custom banner. Banners are perfect for attracting attention at conventions, trade shows, sporting events, grand openings and more. We craft our banners from durable, weatherproof materials using high quality inks and techniques. We can customize your banner to any size or shape needed for your event. We can even create a double-sided banner for twice the impact!

Large Convention Banner Printing SunDance Orlando Florida

Rigid Large Format Printing

Does your graphic need to stand up and stand out? Our rigid large format printing options offer the perfect solution. We use a variety of durable, long-lasting substrates including boards, plastics, wood, pvc, metal, dibond, glass, ceiling tiles, doors and more. We can print on just about anything that is flat! All of these materials lend themselves well to indoor and outdoor signs.

Unique Materials — If you're looking for something unique to differentiate your brand, SunDance can create signs with metal, plastic, wood, glass and more! We offer printing, painting and engraving services on a variety of specialty substrates.

Specialty White and Metallic Inks — Specialty inks can create a powerful overall effect. Our Mimaki printer and cutter offers the ability to use white and metallic ink. With this technology, you can create vivid images with brilliant color, especially when printing on transparent media. Silver ink can be combined with a rainbow of inks to produce sparkling metallic ink effects.

Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays — These point-of-purchase or point-of-sale (POS) displays are great for short-term use and promotional events. SunDance can produce small runs of POP displays, with quantities as low as one. Graphics are printed onto thick, corrugated board, then die-cut and finished in house, allowing for a quick turnaround time.

Outdoor Signs — SunDance will create custom signs for your store or business using a variety of unique materials—including metal, wood, plastic, glass and more. We utilize engraving, laser die-cutting, specialty inks and more to make your sign truly unique.

Real Estate Signs — From aluminum hanging 'for sale' signs to directionals and sandwich boards, SunDance can create the full-range of signage needed for your real estate business. Our displays are made for long-term outdoor and indoor use, with weatherproof UV coatings for durability.

Menu Boards — Put your menu on display! Our equipment capabilities allow us to print directly to metal, wood, plastics, chalkboard, plexiglass and more to create a custom menu board for your restaurant.

Foamcore and Gatorboard — For indoor presentations and applications, foam core and gator board can be used to add rigidity to your printed material. These signs are often used on easels or posted as wall-signs. Gator foam is slightly stronger than other foam boards, because of the additional strength from melamine and wood fiber veneer.

Photo Canvas Prints — Stretched canvas prints are ideal for promotional customer gifts, exhibits, interior décor and more. We can create custom, high-quality photo canvas prints on demand with a short turnaround time. Archival inks are used to avoid fading and discoloration over time.

Hardware —  Looking for large format printing hardware? Click here to shop around. 

Environmental Interior Design

Use large format printing at your business to create an impact on a day-to-day level with Environmental Interior Design. SunDance utilizes interior design concepts such as color and lighting, and pairs them with multi-layered wall and ceiling effects, non-traditional materials and natural or reclaimed elements.

This exciting new approach helps your business make a statement through use of space, while improving overall look and functionality. Studies show that a creative environment both inspires employees and earns respect from clients or customers. Whether you’re looking to revamp your entryway, retail or dining areas, office or home, we have plenty of options for you!

Our Commercial Environmental Interior Design Services Include:

  • Creative Design and Consulting Services
  • Exterior and Directional Wayfinding Signs
  • Wall Wraps and Retractable Banners
  • Specialty Materials — Including Metal, Wood, Plastic, Plexiglass and More
  • Full-Service Set Up and Installation

Unparalleled Customer Service

For any size and scope of large format printing, SunDance can accommodate your needs. Our extensive range of in-house equipment and services allow us to give your job personalized attention and knowledge that you won't get from a one-size-fits all printer. Our capabilities allow us to work with any flat surface— including reclaimed woods, glass, acrylic, metal, ceiling tiles, ceramic tiles, doors and more.

SunDance has years of experience in the industry, and our customer service team will guide you through your job to make sure it's done exactly to your specifications. Let our dedicated team help you with your concept, design and execution. All the way through to installation and ongoing maintenance over time if it’s required. It’s our job to make you look good for a long time to come.

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