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Textured UV Printing with Engraved Rollers

UV printing techniques can create additional dimension and raise the value of any printed piece. When used wisely, it can make elements stand off the page, or give additional texture, transforming the tactile effects of a piece.

Through printing, UV coatings are applied to pieces in a number of ways. Digital UV printing can be done in smaller runs, while inline and finishing processes can handle larger jobs. However, repeated patterns such as linens and scallops, water droplets and orange peels can be applied across an entire piece utilizing an engraved roller system.

The engraved roller or texture roller can be applied inline, meaning on the printing press, to save time and additional finishing processes, or applied later on another machine with various other finishes such as soft touch laminate or varnish knockouts to create something entirely unique.

Engraved texture rollers run much like a standard roller in the process, but apply the pattern in a UV coating to create a 3D effect. When applied, the UV leaves a clear coat in specific areas, leaving the desired pattern. The benefits of using this system range from the speed of application to eliminating or reducing additional processes. Arguably though, the main benefit is standardization, allowing the rollers to be used on small to large jobs without incurring the costs of customization.

This means that the same linen roller pattern used on a well-known hotel chain’s collateral can also be used on a short run of a few thousand business cards or other smaller jobs. This makes the engraved pattern roller system more economical, but also incredibly ecological in that it reduces the need to create multiple dies and the number of applications necessary in a particular run.

UV coatings can range in their clarity, color, texture and even additions. Some have flecks of glitter while others are soft to the touch. Some examples include a piece with soft touch laminate which has high gloss scallops across the piece or another that has soft touch laminate applied in a linen pattern. The options are limitless, giving you a plethora of options in changing the feel and look of a piece.

When creating your next piece, contact SunDance to see what patterned rollers you might be able to include in your design. We can even set up the patterns in small runs for prototyping when necessary, making our print shop a design to production powerhouse.

Contact us today to get more information on the available patterns or to discuss the design of your next project.

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