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Providing guests great customer service in the hospitality industry is a culmination of multiple efforts, from brand voice and website design to amenities and staff training. However, one area that often doesn’t get the love it deserves is print materials. Whether they’re left for last-minute or not clearly thought out, you end up with print materials that add little to no value to your hospitality business. Although the internet has greatly changed how business is done, there will always be a place for print, especially when you’re interacting in person with guests, customers, or members. It may not be the behemoth it once was, but print has evolved in our digital world which has created exciting new opportunities.

See how print is being used to strengthen relationships and connections between hospitality brands and guests.

Marketing and Printing Solutions

Not only are we a printing company, but we’re also a marketing agency which means we can help you create a marketing strategy for your printing, printing for your marketing strategy, or both! Our knowledge and experience in these two worlds allow us to create custom integrated solutions that achieve objectives like increased engagement, customer retention, and more.

We offer a wide array of print materials to enhance your customer service and hospitality branding.

  • Signage: Welcome or direct guests with custom signage. We offer durable, long-lasting indoor and outdoor signage with UV coatings so they can withstand weather elements. We also can create mesh weatherproof banners to stay in place for windy areas.
  • Menus: Guests appreciate high-quality, easy-to-navigate menus. Make your menus stand out and maintain their appearance after repeated uses with our unique materials and speciality finishes.
  • Warning Labels: Give vital safety information while complying to regulatory standards with custom warning labels. Better protect guests from accidents or injuries and your business from lawsuits and damages by using warning labels and signs around the property.
  • Instruction Labels: Few things are more frustrating for guests when they want to use your amenities, services, or products but don’t know how. Add instruction labels and signs to make life easier for guests and keep your operation moving smoothly.
  • Packaging Labels: Branded packaging labels are an ideal accompaniment to products, complimentary gifts, to-go food containers, and any other thing you put in packaging. Wherever a guest takes your packaged item, your brand will be proudly displayed on the label.
  • Promotional Mailings: Reach potential guests at home or work with promotional mailings that advertise your latest offers, events, company news, and more. An option we offer is direct mail services where we can design, print, and manage your mailing lists all in-house.
  • Discount Coupons: Everyone loves a good deal which is why discount coupons are an effective tactic for attracting guests, especially those unfamiliar with your hospitality brand. Digital printing works great for discount coupons since it can print variable data like serialized numbers, names, addresses, and more.
  • ID Cards: Enhance your security with ID cards for employees, vendors, and rewards members. Sleek, professional-looking ID cards that can withstand constant handling also reflect well on your business operations.
  • Loyalty Cards: Thank guests for their repeated business and incentivize new business with loyalty cards that they can carry in their wallet wherever they go. Guests will appreciate your appreciation.
  • Rewards Cards: Give guests access to great perks with rewards cards that they can use to earn free nights, complimentary upgrades, credits, etc.
  • Event Maps: Help guests get to where they need to go with printed event maps. Make sure to include relevant information like the event schedule, check-in/registration, and restroom locations.
  • In-Room Service Forms: Most in-room dining orders are placed over the phone. With in-room service forms, your staff will record all the necessary order details thereby increasing accuracy and efficiency.
  • Day Passes: Hotels and resorts with amenities can increase business by offering day passes. Guests get to play for the day and you get more traffic for restaurants, stores, spas, salons, etc
  • Door Hangers: Help guests relax or maintain their privacy with door hangers that let your staff know not to disturb. Door hangers can also be used to communicate directly with guests about your latest offers, discounts, events, and more.
  • Event Boxes: Promote your next event or add a personalized, branded touch to packaged items like promotional giveaways, products, food takeout, etc.

Augmented Reality and Print

Augmented reality (AR) is a new immersive technology that combines the real world with electronic images and audio. How it works is the user downloads an app, views or scans a printed image with a smartphone, tablet, or AR glasses, and then sees the AR content like three-dimensional images, 360-degree views of products or spaces, new surroundings, or digital characters, all on the smart device’s screen. Create engaging experiences that guests won’t soon forget by incorporating AR technology into your printed marketing materials.

Orlando Hospitality Printing Company

Sundance is located in Orlando, Florida, one of the largest hospitality hubs in the world, which has allowed us opportunities to create printing and marketing solutions for hotels, resorts, theme parks, and restaurants. Contact us today to see how our products and services are helping hospitality brands better serve their guests.

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