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When you have a booth at a trade show or exhibition, you want to ensure you make the best use of the opportunity possible. Your branding is your best chance at standing out and to really make it pop, you need someone who knows how to fit it to the format. Our booth design services ensure that attendants will be fully immersed in your brand and help you see levels of engagement you have never seen before at trade shows.

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Involving You Every Step of the Way

Your booth is your opportunity to take the brand into a new space and truly impact new potential customers. We know how much you want to get it right, which is why we keep you fully involved in the process, every step of the way, as much as you want or don’t want. We present designs and mock-ups in various stages on the road to completion, consulting with you and ensuring that we are getting you focal points and your aims accurate. Whatever feedback you have, even if you want to switch up the objectives of the booth entirely, we are here to listen and to incorporate. We want to ensure that you’re fully satisfied with your booth design when you receive the completed product.

If you want to know more about how we can use our booth design skills to ensure that your presence is truly felt at a trade show or exhibition, come and talk to us about what you need. Take a look at some of our past work, too, to see the results yourself.

On Brand from the Bottom to the Top

Your booth affords you a certain amount of space to get your branding out there and to help you truly own your space. You need to make every inch of that space as effective as possible. Our booth design services don’t relegate your branding and imagery to a corner or a portion of the space available. Our full digital printing and design technology utilizes every inch of surface you have. No need to worry about negative space minimizing your brand, we ensure it is maximized and used from top to bottom in the right ratio to catch attention and communicate your message without overloading the attendant’s senses. What’s more, you can share other branding material with us and we can ensure that your booth is as consistent with your other materials as possible.

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Your Brand Values Come First

When designing your booth, we want to know as much about your brand as we can learn to ensure that we get the design right. You can share existing branding materials with us, for instance, or let us know more about the tone and voice of the brand, as well as the market you want to aim for. Whether you want it to look fun, classy, prestigious, or anything else, our aim is to make sure we get the spirit of the brand exactly as you see it.

Getting Your Message Across

Your booth is your opportunity not only to draw the eye of attendants but also a means of communication. You want your potential customers to be able to understand your business, what you do, and your position in the market as soon as they lay eyes on it. For that reason, clarity is essential. We use the highest quality printing techniques to make sure that there’s no confusion, no visual stretching, or digital image artefacts getting in the way of your message. If you want to incorporate any copy, we can make sure that it gets the space it needs to fully communicate the message you want, while remaining snappy and to-the-point so that attendants are able to see what you’re about as soon as possible. If you want to include advanced marketing techniques like QR codes, we can ensure they’re given the space they need and printed at the right visual fidelity to ensure that they work without a hitch.

Whatever Space You’re In, We Can Enhance It

Whether you’re making use of modular booths or you have created your own custom space, we can make sure that your brand is applied to make the most use of the surface space on offer. We work with booths of all kinds of different sizes as formats, as well as a variety of different kinds of trade show and exhibition spaces. If you have any particular format you need your booth to work in, let us know. Our team of experienced, expert designers know how to help you get your booth design right, no matter the situation. We can make sure you use every inch of space you have in the most effective and visually efficient way possible.

Understanding Your Graphical Real Estate

Since we can work with booths of all shapes and sizes, we also know how to best use different spaces to communicate what it is that you want, as well. For instance, if you’re using a smaller booth design, we recommend picking the one piece of information or focus to concentrate on, making sure that your design communicates it as best as possible. If you’re using a modular design with, for instance, a larger back wall, then we have more space to work with and can ensure that each part of the booth works individually to better help the full design achieve your trade show or exhibition aims.

Whatever Industry You’re in, We Can Help

We have worked with businesses within all kinds of industries and sectors, for trade shows and exhibitions of all kinds. Whatever the style and spirit of your brand, we can ensure that your stand’s visuals capture it perfectly while adapting it to its new format. Simply fitting on your existing branding materials can look ill-conceived, we make sure that the design elements you want are properly scaled up to make the right use of the medium. All our designs take your trade show goals into account, whether it’s drawing the eye, communicating the brand, or displaying high fidelity images of your products. We work to ensure your potential customers see what you want them to see.

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Expert Convention/Trade Show Printing Services

At SunDance, we understand the importance of organizing the perfect convention to attract future customers and important business contacts. Nearly every trade show requires a significant amount of printed material — from banners and signage to promotional items and collateral. SunDance is your one-stop solution for an extensive range of convention/trade show printing services to fulfill all of these needs and more!

We live and breathe convention and trade show printing. This dedication allows us to deliver the most timely and cost-effective solutions possible, with your success always top of mind.

Our Convention and Trade Show Services Include:

  • Show Guides and Maps— Our top-notch printing services ensure your prospects and clients know exactly how to find you in the complex maze of the convention center.
  • Displays — A trade show isn’t complete without an attractive display that can draw in attendees. We can help you print a trade show display that is sure to wow the crowd.
  • Directional Signs — Navigating the labyrinth of a convention center can be tricky, but our printing services can create professional signs to point your customers in the right direction.
  • Business Cards — These are a classic standby for a good reason! When you want to generate leads and establish new clients, you need to make sure your business cards are high quality and up-to-date. We can provide the fastest turn around time so you can get your name in the hands of your best contacts and prospects.
  • Brand Collateral — Give your potential customers something to remember you by! Brochures, flyers and handouts provide information to guests about your company, your schedule during the event and other essential information.
  • Letterhead — If you need to enhance your corporate identity with new letterhead, or simply reprint your current design, we can handle everything for you fast!
  • Direct Mail and Postcards— Keep your customers informed with reminders, dates and important details about your upcoming event.
  • Notebooks and Binders — Create beautiful covers for notebooks and binders to promote your brand or hand out as promotional gifts for attendees.
  • Presentation Folders & Binding Services — SunDance can help you stay consistent with presentation folders and binders to match your brand and existing collateral.

Our experience and industry knowledge allows us to produce the highest quality materials for you time and time again. Simply put, SunDance is the best company to call for your next convention & trade show print project.

Large-Format Printing

In addition to our standard convention/trade show printing services, we also offer an array of Large Format Printing services for your event. From oversized banners to massive posters—we can make your message larger than life. We can even create a custom branded wrap for your vehicle for even broader event promotion.

All of our services are fully customizable, allowing you to create the perfect design for your large format prints. Bring us your ideas and our team will handle the rest!

State-Of-The-Art Digital Printing

At SunDance, we use the newest technology and most effective printing methods to ensure consistent, high-quality results for our clients. Our state-of-the-art digital printing press can create a photo-quality look and feel with an ultra-fast turnaround time for your last-minute projects.

Our on-demand digital printing press provides a number of benefits:

  • Much quicker turnaround time compared to conventional printing methods
  • More economical for low-volume printing projects
  • Improved proofing accuracy
  • A high level of personalization with Variable Data Printing technology

If you’re after the highest quality convention and trade show printing from a company you can trust, look no further than SunDance!

Let’s Work Together!

If you have a trade show or convention coming up, contact us to discuss your vision. With our diverse array of trade show printing services, we have everything you need to make your trade show a success. Give us a call to get the ball rolling—we can’t wait to work with you!

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