• 09 Mar2018

    Signature Flight Support

    New Employee Welcome Kit

    To welcome new associates to the Signature Flight Support family, they are provided with a New Employee Welcome Kit including a welcome note, a pen, a breakaway lanyard (necessary for aviation), a dual badge holder, a business card holder, and a pocket-sized brochure highlighting Signature Flight Support's Vision, Mission, and Values. The soft touch laminate box with custom cut foam insert perfectly hold each item in its place, making the final product the professional yet warm welcome that Signature Flight Support was looking to achieve.

    SunDance worked with Signature Flight Support to pick the items for the kit, design the individual pieces and develop the packaging. The flat boxes were produced on 24 pt C2S stock utilizing SunDance’s new 40 inch, six-color Heidelberg Speedmaster press. Following print production, the sheets were laminated with a soft touch laminate and die cut. The next steps included assembling all of the boxes, adding the die cut foam insert, and placing all of the items in the box.

  • 28 Dec2017

    SunDance Hologram

    Inspired by reflective holographic effects used in advertising campaigns, the SunDance creative team decided to create our own hologram with the SunDance logo. Originally just intended as a proof of concept, the final product turned out so well that we decided to make it a fixture in our front lobby. While we have created holograms for clients who were impressed with ours, it primarily stands as a testament to the SunDance creative team's willingness to try new things and the leadership that sees the value in continued experimentation and innovation.

  • 21 Dec2017

    Kono Naturals Packaging

    Kono Naturals is a collection of organic, sustainable Cannabidiol (CBD) products carefully designed to offer a safe and natural alternative to managing pain, mental health and promoting general wellness. 

    Kona Naturals came to SunDance with the need for a small-run of custom packaging for their pharmaceutical CBD cannabidiol (marijuana based) isolate. SunDance worked closely with Kono Naturals to create a layout design and two different custom dies that would work perfectly for their 1g and 5g products. 

  • 29 Nov2017

    SunDance Spinning Business Cards

    SunDance is the place for ideas. With our innovative crew of designers, printers and the team in the finishing department, we experiment a lot to show our customers all of the options available to them. During our rebrand last year, we used new and old techniques to produce a complex design concept where every side of the exposed cut of the card showed a different color. They were an immediate success and have started a lot of conversations about what's possible.

    After getting such great feedback, we figured we could do better. We held an in-house design competition to see what we could come up with and the winner was the spinning logo design. The card is one piece, die cut and UV coated, then folded over a grommeted second piece with the color wheel found in the SunDance logo. The final effect is a free spinning color wheel that spins behind the cutout of the logo. The back side is SunDance orange with a hidden overprinted UV logo and tagline.

  • 16 Sep2017

    Florida Hospital Leadership Conference Displays

    Florida Hospital enlisted SunDance to create one of a kind displays for their Leadership Meetings, unveiling them at the Summer Leadership Meeting held at The Hilton Orlando Resort.

    The six foot tall, clear acrylic sheets were cut to size and held 1" thick digitally cut white acrylic letters on either side, giving the words the effect of floating in space when underlit. The backing pieces and 20" acrylic lettering were cut on SunDance's Zund Digital Cutter and the letters applied by hand for a precise fit to complete the illusion. Each sign was secured with a Silver Skyscraper stand making it easy to disassemble and store after the event.

  • 17 Jan2017

    SunDance University (SDU) Collateral

    SunDance held the first event for SunDance University October 13th, 2016. Thursday, October 13, SDU hosted Daniel Dejan, North American Print/Creative Manager for Sappi, for two classes: Haptic Brain/Haptic Brand and Special Effects and Finishing Techniques.

    The campaign included a save the date, registration materials, online ads, emails, email signatures, and a website where attendees registered. All with the SDU branding, colors and messaging consistent.

  • 06 Jul2016

    Orlando Strong Stickers

    After the tragic events here in Orlando, our entire city found the strength to come together and power through the unthinkable, becoming stronger and more united than ever before. Here at SunDance, we were inspired to do what we could to help. We designed and printed “Orlando Strong” stickers to show our pride in our city, our community and every single one of its residents. We handed them out to clients, staff, friends and family, but had no idea how well they would be received.

  • 14 Mar2016

    Patient First

    DCRx, an established compounding pharmacy, was interested in shifting their brand image to focus more on customer-centered care. From that vision came Patient First, a pharmacy that puts patient care ahead of industry needs. Based on our success with some competitors in their market, they chose the Sundance team to bring their brand to life. Their goal was to have a look that felt bright, engaging and leave an impression. We decided to create an image that had a soft and caring touch that was approachable and made clients feel at ease. This carried over to their web presence as well. Our belief that employee engagement was as important as gaining clients, so we created an online store front that was user focused while keeping the company's core message and brand intact.

  • 14 Mar2016

    SunDance Marketing - Safari Holiday Party - Case Study

    SunDance Safari Party Invite

    Our holiday bash at Sundance is quite a thing to behold. Being in marketing, it’s an opportunity for us to get creative and whip up a magical atmosphere while we mingle with co-workers, clients and loved ones. So when the VP and partner here at Sundance, John Ruggieri, opened his home for us to use for the party we knew what we had to do. You see, John is a bit of an outdoorsman at heart and has a deep love for the untamed wild. In fact, he owns acreage on a wildlife reserve in Kenya and has decorated his home to reflect that passion. So of course, we rolled with it!

  • 25 Jan2016

    Cirque Du SunDance Campaign

    Our annual company holiday party is a themed event that we hold for our best clients. We change the theme every year and have a reputation for going overboard. This event did not disappoint.

    Our event this year was a circus theme, but to keep it upscale, we went with “Cirque du SunDance”.


    The design was a long, custom process that strived to incorporate bright colors and almost screaming a message of this being a fun event.

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