Perfect Binding



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Perfect Binding

There are many choices when it comes to binding your printed project. Whether you need binding for a soft cover book, oversized magazine, photo book, annual report or product catalog, perfect binding is an excellent choice. Perfect bound books are glued together at the spine and generally have a soft cover made from a card stock that is thicker than the interior pages. The term ‘perfect’ comes from the way everything is lined up and cut to be the exact same size.

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Benefits of Perfect Binding: 

Cost Savings

When it comes to book printing, soft-cover paperback books are less expensive to produce than ones with a hard cover. This makes perfect binding a cost-effective solution when you want to create a professional piece at a lower price.

High Page Count

Perfect bound books allow for a surprisingly high page count—up to XYZ pages.


If you need to mail your catalog, annual report or perfect bound booklet, the lightweight quality of perfect bound books (as opposed to hardcover) can save you loads in shipping costs.

Endless Options

Perfect bound books are strong yet flexible,which works well for a variety of projects: magazines, annual reports, portfolios, photo books, graphic novels, workbooks, catalogs, paperbacks and more!

Professional Appearance

Perfect binding imparts a clean, professional look to anyprinted project.

Spine Printing

With perfect binding, you can print on the spine of any finished piece that’s at least 1/4 inch thick. This is especially important for novels and other books where printed spines are absolutely essential.

On-Demand and Short Runs

With SunDance’s on-demand printing solutions, we can produce short runs and lower quantities at an incredibly affordable price.

PUR and EVA Perfect Binding Methods

There are two ways to execute your perfect bound project. You can use either a ‘hot melt’ EVA process or a plastic adhesive PUR process. Both techniques have their own set of unique benefits and limitations.

EVA (Ethylene Vinyl-Acetate)

This type of binding is a hot-melt process that uses hot glue to create the perfectbound booklets.One of the drawbacks of EVA is that it doesn’t work well for glossy pages. It is also less temperature-stable, and can break down over time. This makes it an economical choice for projects with a shorter shelf-life.

PUR (Polyurethane Reactive)

This binding process uses a plastic adhesive to createa long-lasting bond. PURbinding is the most durable, but it also takes longer to cure than EVA binding. PUR works exceptionally well with a variety of paper stocks, including photo paper.

PUR binding is the best choice when your book needs to withstand repeated opening and closing, or for any project with a long shelf-life. With this process, you also have less adhesive build-up on the spine, translating to a more attractive end result and a better lay-flat quality. PUR perfect-bound books are the industry standard used by most major magazine and book publishers.

Tape Binding

Tape binding is now experiencing a resurgence in small-run books, presentation material and stylized perfect-bound booklets. This type of binding imparts a retro look similar to a sewn-spine composition book. Tape bindery is done with a side stitch or perfect bound method where hot tape is applied over the spine of the piece. SunDance offers this tried-and-true finishing design for when you want abold, tactile binding option.

Pantera Perfect Binder

Our Muller Martini Pantera PUR Adhesive Binder features short set-up and change-over times, making it idealforsmall runs and fast make-readies. Pantera is renowned for its abilitytohandle a large variety of formats and sizes. The Pantera’s PUR adhesive is the industry standard for premium soft cover books, buyers guides, and trade catalogs.

SunDance is the only printing company in Central Florida with an in-house Pantera PUR Perfect Binder. Other printersmayadvertise this service but they will outsource the job, which adds time and money to your project. Having a Pantera PUR Binder right in our facility allows us to offer faster turnaround times, cost savings and greater control over the end product.

Specialty Services to Complete Your Project

When you want to bring a special project to life, printing and perfect binding are only the beginning! SunDance is an innovator in specialty printing. We are always adding new processes and acquiring innovative equipment and materials to produce amazing results for you. Digital foil, satin and raised UV coatings, and white ink on clear substrates are just a sampling of the specialty finishing techniques we can add to your project.

Packaging and Distribution

Once you’ve printed and bound your book, SunDance can shrink wrap, bag or box your final product to prepare it for shipping. If you need to include additional promo items or create retail-ready packaging, we can do it all for you right here in-house.

When it comes time to ship, SunDance has full-service fulfillment capabilities to get your publication in the hands of your end user faster. We can even pair digitally printed pieces to accompany each copy (such as subscription or billing information). If you want your books shipped directly to you,SunDancecan fulfill large orders of your specified size at any interval you need.

Industry-Leading Binding Solutions

SunDance’s dedicated staff brings decades of printing and binding expertise to every job we do. As industry leaders, you can rest assured that our concierge-level customer serviceteam will be there for you when you need us. Our conveniently located Central Florida press facility offers a full array of services to fulfill all your binding needs—and much more! Contact your customer service representative today to learn more about our full range of capabilities or to get a quote for your next binding project.

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