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Custom packaging design can be an unforeseen hurdle in product development. Figuring out the perfect way to ship your product and represent it through customized packaging is an art unto itself. Packaging printing, the actual final production of a custom package or box, can itself be an art as well.

Custom Packaging Design

The design of your custom packaging can add perceived value to your product. Just think about unpackaging an Apple product or similarly well designed package. The care with which the packaging was designed alone tells you a story about the product. It builds credibility for the device within. You want the same to be true for your product. However, there are other concerns to take into consideration while designing your product packaging or box. Shipping durability, crate sized packaging, retail considerations, barcodes and packaging wear, all need to be taken into account when designing your custom packaging. Let us help you design the perfect packaging for your product.

Custom Packaging Printing

Once the design is created, any special materials such as foam inserts, magnetics or other fasteners, or other custom elements to complete the design concept are sourced and acquired. The final finishes are determined to ensure the wear on the packaging or box. Unique finishes such as soft touch laminate or spot UV coatings can give a design more depth or make a box feel more elegant. Die cut shapes or windows can be cut into your box face to reveal your product. After all the elements are in place, we will then print and manufacture your custom packaging, making sure that the final product follow the design concept every step of the way. Even if we didn't design it in house, we make sure that every aspect is executed with the utmost professionalism. After all, we want to print many more packages for you, for this product and your next.

Food Safe Packaging

Food and pharmaceutical regulations require materials that come into contact with food, or which may come into contact with food be printed using paper, ink and finishes that are certified to be food safe by the FDA. Applications for food safe printing range from wraps to boxes, labels to packaging, even promotional inserts and tray liners.

Innovative Packaging

>SunDance prides itself on being an innovator whenever possible. This has led to the development of some interesting new packaging materials. PVC plastic can be used in thin sheets to create flexible boxes, or floppy boxes. Metals or thin metal veneers can be used to create impressive effects. Laser engraved wooden boxes or other custom cut or engraved elements can add an incredibly unique look to your packaging, raising the perceived value of the contents inside.

Product Packing and Shipping

Once your packages are complete, it might make the most sense to let SunDance pack and fulfill your orders. Our world-class shipping and fulfillment department regularly works on behalf of well-known international corporations in a seamless fashion. Think of SunDance as an extension of your team.

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