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Custom Packaging Design and Printing

Great packaging design is key to differentiating your brand, attracting new customers, and building a passionate fanbase. With our design and printing expertise, SunDance will help you find the best way to showcase your product through custom branded packaging. Our team is experienced at creating award-winning, unique packaging solutions with exceptional design and functionality. From concept to production, SunDance will guide you through the entire packaging process for a seamless experience. Whether you need a one-off prototype, a complex custom job, or a large quantity run, SunDance can make your packaging project a success. see faqs

Innovative Packaging Solutions

SunDance is an industry innovator that is always looking for ways to use new materials in novel ways to create custom packaging solutions for food, beverage, beauty, health, and many other markets. For example, we’re able to create flexible folding boxes with thin sheets of PVC or produce an eye-catching effect with metalized paper or film. We can even laser engrave wooden boxes to lend a unique look to your packaging that raises your product's perceived value. With personalized packaging, you’ll be able to send a strong, targeted brand message that appeals to customers and increases brand memorability.

Popular types of packaging we produce include:

The PFAS free materials we print on, the textures we add, and the finishes we use all combine to create custom packaging that will protect your product and make it stand out in the marketplace. In addition to our packaging design and printing services, we can also pack and fulfill your orders through our in-house shipping and fulfilment department so you have one less thing to worry about.

Innovative Packaging Solutions

Food-Safe Packaging

Food-Safe Packaging

SunDance offers food-safe packaging for direct and non-direct food contact to ensure your food product’s packaging not only looks beautiful, but it also complies with regulations from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We offer an assortment of FDA-approved food-safe paper, ink, and finishes as well as food-safe packaging options such as wraps, boxes, labels, and even promotional inserts and tray liners. Explore our collection of retail-ready packaging solutions for food products.

Design That Captures Your Brand

SunDance uses a collaborative and creative approach to custom packaging design. Our design team will work closely with you on research, concepts and development, material selection, sourcing, print and production. Throughout the process, we focus on supporting your vision while maximizing the end-user experience.

The design of your custom packaging can add perceived value to your product. Just think about unboxing an Apple product or similarly well-designed package. The care put into the package design alone tells a story about the brand and builds credibility for the product. You want the same to be true for your packaging.

Our expertise and knowledge of the retail market allow us to approach each design with a holistic understanding of the industry's best practices and real-world applications. SunDance's creative team connects your company's message with the physical product packaging. We strive to make every interaction with your end-user a positive and brand-enhancing experience.

Well-designed product packaging can measurably increase ROI. Effective packaging goes beyond product protection and identification. It can significantly differentiate your brand by sending a visual and tactile message to consumers about the quality of your product. SunDance can guide you through the process of boosting your brand—and your bottom line—through packaging design.

custom package design process

The Right Materials & Equipment

The Right Materials & Equipment

Our digital printing capabilities allow us to add finishes to increase the packaging’s durability or add dimension to the design. Special coatings, such as soft-touch laminate or spot UV, can create a unique look and feel that engages multiple senses. Not sure which materials to use for your packaging? No problem, we’ll help you select the best combinations of materials for your design and budget. Once the design is finalized and approved, SunDance will print and produce your packaging to ensure the final product meets all the required specifications.

Testing and Prototyping

SunDance offers in-house prototyping capabilities to create one-off samples and small-runs to test design, form, and function without creating expensive dies and printing plates. We’re able to manufacture a complete, functional prototype to make it easier to refine the packaging design. With prototyping, you can test different graphics, verbiage, colors, and more to ensure your final packaging design will look great and work perfectly.

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Testing and Prototyping

Enhance Your Brand with Custom Packaging

SunDance uses a collaborative and creative approach to create custom packaging solutions that add value to brands. Our team will work closely with you on research, development, design, material selection, and printing to achieve your vision while enhancing the customer experience. From shipping durability and retail considerations to barcodes and regulations, we will help you navigate the packaging process to produce successful results. Call us at 407-734-7444 or request a quote today to start your packaging project!

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