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Custom Packaging Design

Great packaging design is key to differentiating your brand. SunDance can help you find the best way to represent your product through custom branded packaging. Our team is experienced at creating award-winning and unique packaging solutions with exceptional design and functionality. From concept to production, SunDance has the skills and knowledge to guide you through the entire process successfully.

SunDance will work closely with you to come up with a personalized packaging solution that sends a strong, targeted brand message. If you need a unique shape or box design, we can create a custom die and test it out for you before production. If you're looking to customize your package with wood, metals or plastics, we can source the materials, test the design, and produce it for you in-house.

We take every aspect of branding and logistics into account when creating your package design. From shipping durability and retail considerations to barcodes and regulations, we can help you navigate any potential design pitfalls along the way. Whether you need a one-off prototype, a complicated custom job or a large-quantity run, SunDance can make your packaging project a success.

The Design Process

SunDance uses a collaborative and creative approach to custom packaging design. Our design team will work closely with you on research, concepts and development, material selection, sourcing, print and production. Throughout the process, we focus on supporting your vision while maximizing the end-user experience.

The design of your custom packaging can add perceived value to your product. Just think about unboxing an Apple product or similarly well-designed package. The care put into the package design alone tells a story about the brand and builds credibility for the product. You want the same to be true for your packaging.

Our expertise and knowledge of the retail market allow us to approach each design with a holistic understanding of the industry's best practices and real-world applications. SunDance's creative team connects your company's message with the physical product packaging. We strive to make every interaction with your end-user a positive and brand-enhancing experience.

Increasing ROI Through Package Design

Well-designed product packaging can measurably increase ROI. Effective packaging goes beyond product protection and identification. It can significantly differentiate your brand by sending a visual and tactile message to consumers about the quality of your product. SunDance can guide you through the process of boosting your brand—and your bottom line—through packaging design.

The Importance of Unboxing

With the rise of e-commerce, many sales are made without any personal contact prior to purchase.While we love the convenience of online shopping and ordering, it makes the entire transaction less personal. This makes your packaging even more important, as it may be the only tangible interaction a consumer has with your brand.

Site likes YouTube feature near-endless unboxing and 'haul' videos. Social media influencers often include a product's package design in their reviews and posts on their blogs, Instagram and Facebook. In a world where your packaging is more visible to more people, it is increasingly important to ensure it projects the right message about your brand.

From your shipping boxes to your product package, your overall presentation can have a big impact on how your brand perceived. SunDance will design high-quality branded packaging makes a big impact, while anticipating and enhancing the customer's unboxing process.

Custom Package Printing

After the design process is finalized, we will source any special materials needed—such as foam inserts, magnets, fasteners and custom elements. We can help you choose final finishes to increase durability on the packaging or box. Unique coatings, such as soft touch laminate or spot UV, can also give a design more depth or make a custom box feel more elegant.

When all the necessary elements are in place, SunDance will print and produce your package, ensuring the final product follows the original design concept, and is executed to your specifications. If you have an existing design, we can work as an extension of your own company by fulfilling the printing and manufacturing portion of your project.

Innovative Packaging Solutions

SunDance prides itself on being an industry innovator. We are always looking for ways to use new materials in novel ways. PVC plastic can be used in thin sheets to create flexible or floppy boxes. Metals or thin metal veneers can be used to create impressive effects. We can laser engrave wooden boxes to lend a unique look to your packaging while raising your product's perceived value.

The materials we print on, the textures we add, and the finishes we use all combine to create the overall experience for your customer. The sky is the limit when it comes to package design with SunDance. If you can dream it, we can find a way to do it!

Some of our packaging options include:

  • Rigid Boxes
  • Folding Boxes
  • Mailer Boxes
  • Shipping Boxes
  • Countertop Displays
  • Gift Boxes
  • Retail and Wholesale Boxes
  • FDA-certified Food Packaging
  • Die-cut Shapes and Custom Sizes

Custom Subscription Box Packaging Solutions

The SunDance creative team can design custom packaging for your subscription box. We can design graphics, create a unique and functional package, and even incorporate non-traditional materials like plastic and wood. Our laser cutting equipment can fabricate components to your exact specifications across a variety of mediums. SunDance also offers food-grade printing and packaging with cleanroom capabilities—perfect for subscription boxes that include edible items.

Food-Safe Packaging

Materials that may come into contact with food are required to be printed using FDA-approved food safe paper, ink and finishes. SunDance offers a range of food-safe capabilities for wraps, boxes, labels, packaging, and even promotional inserts and tray liners. Explore our complete collection of retail-ready packaging solutions for your food-safe product packaging.

Digital Printing and Prototyping

Our in-house digital printing and prototyping capabilities allow us to create one-off samples and small-runs to test form and function without creating expensive dies and printing plates. SunDance uses digital printing capabilities and our ZUND flatbed cutter to manufacture a complete and functional prototype sample you can review before finalizing your design. Test out different graphic options or alterations in packaging design, and finalize the project knowing that it will look great and work perfectly for your desired use.

Product Packing & Shipping

From the moment your shipping box is received and opened, the 'unboxing' process has started. Personalizing your mailer box can make an impactful first impression and set the tone for the product to come. We will work closely with your team to complete your packaging with mailer boxes that will illicit excitement form your recipient—while maintaining overall functionality.

Once your packaging is complete, SunDance can also pack and fulfill your orders through our in-house shipping and fulfillment department. We regularly work on behalf of well-known international corporations in a seamless fashion, and we can do the same for your business.

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