Food Safe Printing

In the Unites States, food, drug and cosmetic packaging is under the jurisdiction of the laws and regulations administered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA requires that these materials be manufactured under the strictest safety and cleanliness manufacturing practices, as well that the packaging be suitable for every intended use (hot, cold, wet, dry, intended shelf life, distribution considerations and product lifetime). All of these aspects are important to ensure your packaging maintain its effectiveness over the lifetime of your product.

FDA Approved Inks & Coatings

This designation is reserved for those inks, papers and coatings which the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) deem safe enough to come in direct contact or even indirect contact with food or drugs. This means all packaging that comes with or is associated with consuming or using the end product such as all labeling, wrapping, serving trays, tray liners, napkins and bags. Even pharmaceuticals and medical device products fall into this classification including boxes, labels, wrapping and event the associated literature included in the box.

Food Safe Substrates

The materials that Food Safe Ink is printed on must also be cleared for the specific application. Food Safe substrates and materials are used to create the food and drug safe pieces utilizing kosher papers, specially formulated cardboards, adhesives, plastics and much more.

Direct vs. Indirect Additives

FDA recognizes direct and indirect food additives. Direct additives are substances that are intended to consumed in food as ingredients and therefore, are intended to be eaten. These include preservatives, flavoring agents, gums and anti-caking agents. Indirect additives are substances used in the processing, packaging, holding and transporting of food. These additives have no functional effect in the food, but may be reasonably expected to become components of food or to affect the characteristics of food. Inks and coatings often fit within this portion of the food additive definition.

Where is Food Safe Printing Used?

Food-safe inks can be used for creating labels, coupons, promotions, in-package inserts or in-carton printing where the printed item could come into indirect contact with food, pharmaceutical or medical products. The FDA-Approved non-toxic inks we use come in CMYK (for 4-color process) as well as special order spot colors. They can be printed on FDA-Approved kosher print stocks to create beautiful food and beverage packages, boxes, wrappers or printed containers.

SunDance’s Food Safe Aqueous coating can protect printed items that will come into direct food contact such as wrappers, food containers, shelf or tray liners, etc. Utilizing the food safe ink and direct food contact laminate with a food safe substrate such as styrene, we can create Custom Bakery Display Tags, Plastic Food Badges or Deli Tags/Spear Tags in any color or shape to maintain your brand consistency.

SunDance’s Commitment

SunDance takes the safety of food safe printing extremely seriously. One of few printers who specialize in food safe printing, SunDance has the experience to keep the entire workflow of your project safe, even setting up clean room conditions when jobs require it.

As well, SunDance also only utilizes inks and materials cleared for food contact to ensure that your end users are not exposed to anything dangerous or untested when using your product or its packaging.

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