H2 Botanix Sugar Box & Packets

You don't want to miss out on H2 Botanix's newest product addition, CBD infused maple sugar! H2 Botanix, an H2 Processing subsidiary, is proud to add another organic netraceutical remedy to its product list that aims to support the overall wellness, pain management, and athlete/physical recovery of its users. Their CBD maple sugar is made in-house using maple syrup harvested on their small family run farm in Vermont. H2 Botanix's CBD maple sugar is a direct replacement in any food or drink that has sugar added to it. For example, their CBD sugar packets add a savory maple flavor to coffee, tea, oatmeal, and more! Start your day off right with H2 Botanix's CBD infused maple sugar.
H2 Botanix's sugar box and packets were proudly produced by SunDance. Following FDA guidelines, SunDance used a 14pt FDA C1S cover to produce the package. Finishing techniques, such as soft touch and 3D spot UV, were applied to increase consumer appeal. The CBD infused maple sugar is package in a 2 side seal packet with tear notch- portable single serve packets. Insulted freshness, versatility, and convenience are few advantages of single-use/ on-the-go flexible packaging. Each box holds 30 sugar packets. For more information and to shop H2 Botanix's CBD infused maple sugar, visit https://h2processing.com/products/cbd-maple-sugar.