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Finding a printing vendor that really understands the considerations and liabilities involved in food and drug safe packaging is vital to the growth of any business in commercial food production and the pharmaceutical industry. SunDance has been leading the way with new advancements in materials, inks, and processes necessary to ensure your final product not only meets all the FDA requirements, but is ultimately safe for the final consumer.

The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) rules regarding direct contact and non-direct contact with food or drugs to be consumed by humans include concerns about substrate materials, the chemical makeup of ink and finishes, and also the process to make sure they stay safe. SunDance regularly handles small to large production runs of food safe jobs and even has clean room capabilities making it flexible enough to work regularly with startups and Fortune 500 companies.

SunDance’s attention to brand standards is second to none. We understand the importance of maintaining your brand like you do everyday. As your brand advocate, our expert teams and quality control processes will ensure whether you’re a mom and pop or a massive corporation, SunDance exists only to make you look as good as possible. From your food safe packaging, to your business cards, and all the collateral in between, by doing everything in-house SunDance maintains that advocacy for your brand and does so for some of the biggest brands in the world.

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FDA Food & Drug Safe Packaging

Planning Your Drug & Food Safe Packaging

Determining your needs and the legal requirements as well as further safety considerations is the first step to your project. Let our team research your situation and provide you with actionable viable solutions for your packaging needs.

Food & Drug Safe Packaging Design

Our packaging design team can provide graphic design, packaging design, packaging development, and strategy. SunDance can create almost any packaging concepts including raised UV coatings for a tactile or visible effect, foil accents to catch the eye, multi-material packaging for windows, etc., holograms, and even augmented reality labeling which allows users to interact with your packaging digitally.

Drug & Food Safe Packaging Prototyping

Prototyping at SunDance is done by bringing the entire team together to tackle the issues of the production workflow for every piece. We walk your piece through the entire process, making mockups, one-offs, and copious amounts of proofs. Once we’re through with the finished prototype, we move on to rub testing to make sure your package will continue to look as good as possible after being shipped, handled on the shelf, brought home, and used for extended periods of time.

Food Safe Printing

Food & Drug Safe Packaging Production

Once your packaging is ready for production, SunDance manages the full production of your packaging in-house to maintain your brand standards. We handle all of the sourcing, printing, finishing, including foil stamping and finishes, uv coatings and textures such as Soft Touch Laminate, as well as cutting, assembly and packing.

Shipping Your Packaging

We can ship it directly to your facilities, ready to use on the production line, or stage the shipments by using our in-house warehousing. Let us know the way you want to receive your order and we’ll customize our workflow to make that happen.

Brand Collateral Printing

Nobody understands the importance of maintaining brand standards better than SunDance. From your business cards to your website, your brand collateral to your product or location, SunDance wants to be your brand advocate, removing the worry of using multiple or traditional vendors who focus on their bottom line, not yours. Let us show you the difference and why some of the biggest brands in the world trust SunDance.

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Food Safe Printing

Logistics & Fulfillment

Many clients use our brand storefront websites to handle their brand standard collateral distribution. Business cards and letterheads, to sales collateral, and yes even food packaging can all be ordered through these web portals that handle the budgets, pricing, and payments automatically, while SunDance handles the drop shipment orders directly.

Direct Mail & Promotional Campaigns

SunDance can also be your vendor for other marketing and promotional needs such as interior design, large format installations, promotional ideas, digital marketing, email marketing, mailing lists, newsletters, reports such as quarterly or annual reports.


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