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  • 15 Jun2017

    Laser Cut Acrylic Box

    Recently we hosted our friends from Factur, a local builder-driven fabrication lab here in Orlando, to develop an acrylic version of a project from Bob Barnett. Bob's Bug Box design is incredibly unique and uses a three piece sliding door mechanism sometimes called to the "Torggler system."

    Here at SunDance, we have a history of trying new things with our equipment all the time, so this was something that seemed a perfect fit for SunDance. We're working on some other fun filled projects with Bob such as a dinosaur mask and a robotic telescope. Stay tuned for updates on those. Granted, it's not what you'd hear from most printers. But, then again, SunDance isn't like most printers.

    If you're working on a unique design for a client, or for yourself, send us your ideas. We would love to help you turn them into a reality.

    Thanks again to The Open Gimble Project and Factur for all their help.

  • 31 May2017

    Heidelberg Versafire CP Digital Press

    SunDance is proud to announce a huge new addition to our lineup of Digital Printing options available. The Heidelberg® Versafire CP Digital Press is a flexible powerhouse, able to handle large jobs at high speeds, with extremely high resolutions. This increases SunDance's turnaround time and quality on various types of digital printing jobs.

    The advanced design of the Versafire CP also allows it to handle varying types of stock at a low fusing temperature, such as textured paper, plastics, translucent, synthetic, metallic and even magnetic papers.

    The Versafire allows SunDance to offer fully digital custom folder, package and carton printing on sheet sizes of up to 13” x 27.5” in duplex, or double sided printing. SunDance took it a step even further, modifying the Versafire to allow for sheet sizes of 13" x 49" in simplex, or single sided printing. This makes SunDance the local leader in turnaround on such complicated jobs, from prototyping all the way through full production.

  • 31 May2017

    Double Loop Wiro/Wire-O/Double Binding Machine

    SunDance is proud to add yet another bindery option to the mix with our new Double Loop Wiro Bindery Machine. Double Loop Wiro is a bindery process that creates a spine very similar to spiral bound notebooks. The major difference with the Double Looped system there are two wires going through the hole in the paper vs. only one wire in spiral bound notebooks. This makes the pages much more secure, the presentation much more professional and enhances the inherent value of the piece at a reasonable price.

    As well, Double Loop Wiro can be produced to allow individual sheets to be removed and replaced without being torn, making it extremely versatile for use in menus, room service and hotel books. We can even produce the laminated pages and make updates for you whenever you need them.

    With our digital capabilities, try a Double Wiro mockup of your next project to see if it might be the right fit for you. Pair that with our award winning bindery options for the perfect book, notebook, presentation folder or completely custom application. Getting it right takes experimentation and at SunDance we know from experience.

  • 31 May2017

    Minipack MVS31 XP

    The Minipack MVS31 XP is a chamber vacuum sealer for packaging fragile materials or creating creative packaging options. The Minipack was originally developed for sealing perishable foods. Over the past few years, the sous vide cooking trend has made the vacuum sealers even more popular to seal bags before boiling.

    SunDance acquired the Minipack for a specific job which required one of a kind packaging. The custom packaging was created from a printed bag that the items were sealed within in the vacuum sealer. The effect was a package that hinted at the contents, making it irresistible to the receiver, creating an impressive response rate.

    We would love to find more applications for the Minipack. Let us know what ideas you have and we’ll begin the creative process. We love to experiment at SunDance. It’s the key to innovation and creating the perfect piece for your next project.

  • 31 May2017

    MGI JETvarnish 3D

    SunDance has acquired a new MGI JETvarnish 3D digital UV coating machine. The JETvarnish can simultaneously do both raised or flat UV coatings in either spot UV or flood applications. It’s maximum sheet size of 20 x 41 inches makes it ideal for embellishing a wide range of applications, from large to small, such as book covers, presentation folders, brochures, business cards, invitations and product packaging. The JETvarnish 3D has a throughput of up to 3,000 sheets per hour with almost no drying time.

    This allows SunDance to print, finish, trim and deliver your job faster than anyone else in the Central Florida area. With our world class fulfillment and shipping department, we can rival the turnaround times of competitors across the country.

  • 24 May2017

    Partners in Success

    We believe in putting our customers first! Thanks to the entire SunDance team, we had our best month this past April . Our continued success is possible thanks to clients like you who trust us to exceed expectations every step of the way. We'd like to personally thank our dedicated staff for always making our customers' needs a priority while creating innovative solutions to bring their projects to life. Whether that means driving across town to bring you samples or flying across the country to hand-deliver your project, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to support your goals.

    We look forward to an even brighter future as we partner with our clients to provide remarkable customer service to make the impossible happen, day in and day out.

  • 24 May2017

    John Ruggieri honored at Opera Orlando’s 2nd Annual Gala

    John Ruggieri, Chairman of the Board, at SunDance was the guest of honor Saturday evening at Opera Orlando's Second Annual Gala. "The Gilded Age on the Gilded Stage" Gala honored John Ruggieri for his unwavering support of the Opera Orlando and performing arts in Central Florida throughout the years. Opera legend Sherrill Milnes hosted the event, which featured a live auction and performances from opera singers from across the country. Opera Orlando is in its second year, yet has already brought together the local community and cemented an artistic legacy for generations to come. Sundance is proud to support local organizations like Opera Orlando, and many other non-profits that serve our community. 

  • 07 Apr2017

    SunDance & MGI Featured in Printing Impressions Magazine

    Printing Impressions Magazine featured a story about SunDance and MGI, the maker SunDance’s new JETvarnish 3D digital print enhancement system. MGI Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Kevin Abergel, said “SunDance has the creative vision and resources to provide the full range of JETvarnish 3D applications across all print product delivery channels...”

    Sundance Managing Director John Henry Ruggieri was quoted as saying “Now, we can inject even more dynamic visual and tactile excitement into some of the most celebrated brand logos and iconic corporate images in the world...”

    Find out more about what SunDance can do for you and the image of your brand.

    Read The Article More About 3DUV Get A Quote Now

  • 03 Apr2017

    Are You Leveraging Creative Trends in Your Campaigns?

    It’s not easy coming up with an amazing design concept. Whether you’re working on a new print campaign for an event or product launch, or you need to develop an interior design concept – where do you look for inspiration?

    We recommend you take a look at current creative trends. Our design team considers what’s in vogue culturally, socially, environmentally, and in digital technologies. They follow what’s trending in design. Armed with this information, they’ll brainstorm ways to elevate a client’s project while maintaining brand integrity.

    Here are a few examples of trends worth pondering:

    What’s hot in photographic trends used in graphic design? In Shutterstock’s annual Creative Trends report, they single out halftones…yes, that throwback to yesteryear. This ties in to a current nostalgia trend. Halftones evoke newsprint, old-fashioned TVs, and pop art (think “Roy Lichtenstein”). White texture is another trend they cite. It could be as simple as a white-on-white pattern, adding a 3D feel to your printed piece.

    Hologram technology, coupled with print, is also trending. This combination helps bring a powerful, interactive message to life. Have you seen the Porsche 911 video, used in magazine advertising, featuring a hologram? Mailed to a select list, this ad strengthened customer relationships using a creative technology that guaranteed a flood of WOM publicity for the car manufacturer.

    Smart tags can also be used creatively in a print campaign. RFID technology, for example, has become popular for marketers. It’s come a long way from its original purpose: tracking large items, particularly those shipped over long distances. Radio Frequency Identification tags can be embedded in paper. These tags store data, and when someone interacts with a tag, that data is “activated.”

    Imagine embedding an RFID tag in a package or other item on display in a store. When someone picks up the tagged product for a closer look, information about it is displayed right there, or even sent to the person’s smartphone.

    SunDance’s designers also follow color trends closely. Perhaps the hottest one in 2017 is the Pantone color of the year. Print customers know Pantone as the manufacturer of the PMS ink color system, but Pantone is a world-renowned color expert. Each year they name a color that they deem to be the most significant. In 2017, it’s Greenery (PMS 15-0343).

    These and other creative trends can be leveraged in your own design projects to improve your customers’ experience and introduce spectacular materials or environments.

    So when you’re stymied about how to create something memorable, lean on our design team. They’ll offer insights and share ways to incorporate what’s trending.

    Let us help inspire your designs!

  • 24 Mar2017

    SunDance goes paintballing

    It's been said a team that shoots paintballs at one another is a team that can accomplish anything! Well, it's possible we just made it up ourselves but we definitely believe it. In fact, several members of the team took to the field with paint guns in hand. After 5 complete games within 4 hours and a bunch of bruises, we're ready to do it again another day.

    Teamwork and collaboration are not only learned on the job but also outside through recreational events such as this one. We work harder, play harder, and get up each day eager to do it all over again

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