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Augmented Reality Adds Magic to the Customer Experience

Cut through the advertising noise and create dynamic experiences that add magic to how customers interact with your brand with augmented reality (AR). This new immersive technology is helping businesses not only reach a wider audience but also promote and enhance interaction, creating a memorable customer experience. From print and advertising to fun AR games to more practical uses, see how AR is changing the digital and print landscape as well as what SunDance is doing to bring the benefits of AR to our clients.

(Test it out for yourself! Download the app here or here and point your phone at the screen.)

How Augmented Reality Works

No longer relegated to science fiction, AR is made by overlaying electronically generated images and audio on top of the real world to generate a composite view that alters the user’s perception of reality. Users bring these electronic images and audio to life by viewing or scanning the printed image with a smart device like a smartphone, tablet, and AR glasses. Unlike virtual reality, AR doesn’t make an entirely artificial environment but instead adds sounds, videos, and graphics alongside the existing environment.

With AR, consumers can view three-dimensional images, see themselves in completely different surroundings, interact with digital characters, and more. AR’s numerous applications give businesses unlimited creative opportunities to interact with prospective and current customers on an entirely new level. Our new AR program and app are helping clients from various industries take advantage of the benefits of AR by incorporating the technology with their printed materials.

SunDance’s AR Program and App

We offer a variety of mediums to carry your message and all of them can be used with AR. Combined with our available analytics, your new printed materials will not only be appealing to consumers but also boost engagement with your brand which can help increase conversion and retention rates. With our new AR app, SunRay, ordinary printed materials are transformed into unique, interactive experiences. Another option we offer is to have your own custom app built exclusively for your campaign, for even more personalization.

The SunRay app provides a wide array of user-generated analytics, giving your team valuable information on user engagement. With the analytics, you can track content performance and better understand user behavior which in turn can be used to elevate the reach and success of your printed media campaigns. Whether you want to launch a bold new campaign or strengthen your brand’s market presence, combining AR with your printed materials creates an interactive experience that users won’t soon forget. 

Augmented Reality For Different Markets 

AR can be made part of any printed media campaign to convey information, give 360-degree views of products or spaces, show what something looks like on them, and provide additional hidden information. There’s only so much you can include in printed media but with AR, users can have unlimited information at their fingertips. From business cards that link potential clients to your mailing list to large scale items like wall displays and murals, AR’s versatility allows businesses to create engaging experiences with whatever print medium works best for their campaign. Not only does AR work with various print mediums but it’s also used in many markets like:

  • Medical training
  • Retail
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Design and modeling
  • Business logistics
  • Tourism
  • Education
  • Field service
  • Entertainment

AR has changed the digital and print game by bringing consumers and brands closer together than they’ve ever been before. Contact us today to enroll in our AR program and add some magic to your printed materials!

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