EA Sports Character Cutouts

29 Dec2015

EA Sports Character Cutouts

Wide Format Cutouts

To recreate real world versions of their videogame environments EA Sports enlisted SunDance Marketing Solutions. The trade show booths were designed to immerse videogame players in each of the games at OTRONICON. The annual Orlando Electronic Interactive Entertainment Convention hosted by The Orlando Science Center allows science, art, technology, videogame, simulation and digital media companies to showcase their work.

The SunDance Creative team suggested the best way to make their ideas reality, both within their budget and timeline. The plan became to create backdrops and free standing life-sized character cutouts from each game.

The characters were printed directly on ½” Foam Board using the HP Flatbed 700. They were then cut on the ZUND Digital Cutter and installed on Might Mounts. This allowed them to stand freely with some of them nearly seven feet tall! A few of the backdrops were simple fabric, while others were also printed on the ½” Foam Board and stood behind the booth. Tying it all together with props and videogame stations, each booth became an extension of the game.

The final product was turned around in record time and within budget, all while making EA Sports the stars of the show.

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