Four Seasons Orlando Resort Wedding Folder



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29 Dec2015

Four Seasons Orlando Resort Wedding Folder

Not every print job is so unique that it gives you pause enough to even consider submitting it for an award. Of the many jobs we do, one such job made quite an impression.

The Wedding Folder for the Four Seasons Orlando Resort needed to embody the elegance of the occasion while being durable enough to hold everything necessary. Accomplishing this required a painstaking multi-step process on different machines to achieve the desired look.

Due to the size of the piece, there were two passes for the pearl foil stamping. It was then embossed on a completely different machine utilizing the two separate foil dies combined. Getting the registration right on something so involved is nothing short of an art. There was yet another pass for the gold foil on the logo before it was die-cut, folded and glued.

The clients loved the piece and at the 2015 PAF Awards, the Wedding Folder won an Award of Excellence for the production technique.

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