Omni Save the Date Package



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08 Mar2021

Omni Save the Date Package

Richard Coffman Consulting, in conjunction with A-plus Meetings, worked with BioTe Medical Company to develop a concept for a special “Save the Date” package. The package was specifically designed for C-suite level attendees for their upcoming medical conference. As the event will be at the Omni Amelia Island Resort, the main goal of the "Save the Date" package was to drive home the beauty of the area. SunDance’s graphic designer, Dori Hejtmanek, and the development team went above and beyond to bring they’re idea to life. A pewter turtle lapel pin (similar to the Congress’s label pins) was incorporated in the package and will be used as the attendee’s entry pin. The turtle lapel pin was placed on a “Sand laminate” tray depicting the ocean shore inside of a soft touch laminate box with a raised UV logo. The official invite was enclosed in a beautiful translucent vellum envelope which evoked the theme of a shoreline. Dori Hejtmanek and the SunDance team loved bringing this unique and attractive “Save the Date” package to life. This “Save the Date package” is a 2021 Gold ADDY Award winner. A Gold ADDY Award is recognition of the highest level of creative excellence. We are so proud to be included in the elite group of winners of the 2021 Daytona Beach Adfed Awards!

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