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05 Feb2019

Hemp 2 Table

Custom Hemp Pre-Rolls Packaging

Hemp2Table is a co-operative farm-based business with a passion for sustainability and bringing innovative hemp products to consumers. All of Hemp2Table’s products are derived from high-grade hemp harvested from the fertile soil of Southern Oregon. The recent Farm Bill passing has allowed for the expansion of sustainable hemp farming and cultivation, unlocking incredible future business opportunity and potential in the growing CBD industry.

For this project, the client wanted a visually appealing custom package designed for their hemp pre-rolls. The packaging needed to fit the specs of their existing raw, organic hemp cones, which are encased in glass vials. The vials created a uniform size/shape to build the packaging around, but added the challenge of ensuring the packaging was durable enough to protect the product.

The product boxes needed to ship to the client flat, and easily pop open and lock in place for insertion of the product at their onsite facility.

Durability was also a major focus, since our package design needed to be resilient enough to protect the glass containers from damage throughout the fulfillment and shipping process.

Our finalized design included a sleek soft-touch element on the exterior, giving it a unique and upscale feel in-hand. The packaging graphics spoke to the classic homegrown Hemp2Table feel, while lending a modern touch that reflects the company’s innovation and brand goals.

Click here to visit the Hemp2Table website.

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