Factur Lobby Design



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06 Oct2017

Factur Lobby Design

Factur is a member-driven fabrication laboratory, maker, coworking and event space in Downtown Orlando. SunDance and Factur have done a number of projects together including a revamp of the Factur location at 520 Virginia Dr, Orlando, FL 32803. We worked with Factur’s design team to complete an Environmental Interior Design concept that really works for the shared space which will serve as a creative home for people to work, learn and build a community rooted in science, art and technology for many years to come. It’s very similar to the way we feel about SunDance.

If you have brand interior design concepts you'd like to do, we'd love to help. Bring us your ideas and we’ll make it a reality. It’s what we do here at SunDance.

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