SunDance Spinning Business Cards

29 Nov2017

SunDance Spinning Business Cards

SunDance is the place for ideas. With our innovative crew of designers, printers and the team in the finishing department, we experiment a lot to show our customers all of the options available to them. During our rebrand last year, we used new and old techniques to produce a complex design concept where every side of the exposed cut of the card showed a different color. They were an immediate success and have started a lot of conversations about what's possible.

After getting such great feedback, we figured we could do better. We held an in-house design competition to see what we could come up with and the winner was the spinning logo design. The card is one piece, die cut and UV coated, then folded over a grommeted second piece with the color wheel found in the SunDance logo. The final effect is a free spinning color wheel that spins behind the cutout of the logo. The back side is SunDance orange with a hidden overprinted UV logo and tagline.

While these might not be the next official SunDance business card for all employees, they serve as yet another example of the creative options available here at SunDance.

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