SunDance Marketing - Safari Holiday Party - Case Study

14 Mar2016

SunDance Marketing - Safari Holiday Party - Case Study

SunDance Safari Party Invite

Our holiday bash at Sundance is quite a thing to behold. Being in marketing, it’s an opportunity for us to get creative and whip up a magical atmosphere while we mingle with co-workers, clients and loved ones. So when the VP and partner here at Sundance, John Ruggieri, opened his home for us to use for the party we knew what we had to do. You see, John is a bit of an outdoorsman at heart and has a deep love for the untamed wild. In fact, he owns acreage on a wildlife reserve in Kenya and has decorated his home to reflect that passion. So of course, we rolled with it!

Bringing the Untamed Safari to the Concrete Jungle

Being primarily a high-end printing company, we have a certain guilty pleasure in abusing our resources to make unique invitations for our guests. The bosses love it since we invite our good friends (who also happen to be our clients) and it gives us an excuse to show off our stuff!

We came up with a beautiful and playful scenery to invite our guests on an excursion in the Kenyan safari, with an open bar!

The cover and envelopes

To give them a nice, authentic look, the envelope covers were hand molded and inserted with envelopes that were made of wood grain birch. As an added touch, we marked them a real wax seal of our Sundance logo.

The invitations

Using a reverse stepped accordion fold, we created a living tapestry on our invitations. The wildlife was removable and revealed a piece of information on the party. Even the "Go Wild" tagline was crafted on reverse embossed wood! Pretty nifty right?

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