Kandi Johansmeyer



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Kandi Johansmeyer

Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Kandi Johansmeyer manages the SunDance Sales Team and Marketing Group, bringing over 20 years of professional experience in marketing, manufacturing and management. Her proven brand management track record spans a number of industries, including travel/leisure, hoteliers, residential builders, horticulture, vacation ownership and higher education. This wealth of experience allows her to easily adapt relevant sales and marketing strategies based on selling environment and audience.

Kandi's unique perspective, combined with a deep understanding of the Central Florida business climate, makes her a dynamic sales and marketing leader. Her personal approach focuses on building relationships with prospective and current customers through collaborative communication across multi-channel marketing efforts, allowing her to enhance the overall customer experience while building brands with substance and quality.

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Location & Hours

Headquartered in Central Florida, SunDance provides global solutions to companies large and small primarily in the Southeast United States.

9564 Delegates Dr.
Building A
Orlando, FL 32837
Local & Sales: 844-42-PRINT
Operations: 407-734-7444
8am-5pm M-F