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CBD, Cannabis & Drug Safe Packaging

Packaging in the CBD, Recreation and Medical Marijuana market is extremely important and should be representative of your brand both on the shelf and online. Brand consistency is crucial for establishing credibility and reliability with your product and will shape the customer experience and perception. The specific laws of the jurisdiction where your product is sold may differ and might require different compliance labeling. However, the rules for the types of ink and substrates used in the packaging and contents is regulated by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) under food and drug safe packaging. Beyond the necessary compliance, SunDance ensures all your printing meets your brand standards while adhering to drug safe packaging regulations. CBD and Marijuana products require considerations for the lifetime of the product, from the packaging plant to the distributor, through shipping, perhaps on a shelf, and beyond to the lifespan of the product in the hands of the consumer. Products like capsules, oils and salves with a longer shelf-life need to maintain their look throughout and maintain a level of brand consistency.

What Exactly is Food and Drug Safe Packaging?

Under the US Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, the FDA regulates food and drug packaging on products sold in the United States. These cover a wide array of safety concerns in the manufacturing process as well as the life of the product. Any packaging coming into direct or indirect contact with food, drugs or medical devices must use approved inks, additives, coatings and substrates.

What Needs To Be Food & Drug Safe?

Everything involved in CBD products, Recreational Marijuana or Medicinal Marijuana products, from the shrinkwrap to the box, labels, bottles, instructions, coupons, literature, etc. which in whole or in part accompany your product should all abide by the FDA standards for food and drug safe printing.

Indirect Contact v. Direct Contact

Indirect contact is defined by anything that could come close to the product at any point during its manufacturing, distribution, sale or consumption. This could be anything in the manufacturing or bottling process such as labels, safety seals or tearaway shrink sleeves, including anything that holds your product such as the band sleeve, retail box or dispenser, the label on the bottle or anything associated with it. Direct contact is easier to define as it’s anything that will touch the product, such as a bag, container, dosing card, or wrapper.

Prototyping to Production

SunDance has a number of printing processes under one roof, making it the ideal place to both prototype your products and manufacture the final run. We can even do short runs to get your product to market faster without having to print thousands of them. Beyond that, SunDance is here to produce your packaging on any scale you need. Send us your ready files or engage the SunDance Creative team which has a long history of product prototyping and production design.

SunDance’s Commitment To Food Safety & Food Safe Packaging

SunDance combines our expertise in digital printing, packaging design and high-quality lamination with the newest food and drug safe inks, substrates and coatings. SunDance takes the safety of your product extremely seriously throughout the entire process from the actual design and printing through to production considerations, including clean room capabilities where necessary. It’s all part of SunDance’s commitment you and the success of your product.

Beyond Your Product

SunDance is here to help you beyond the development of your product with designing counter display boxes, shipping boxes, retail displays, trade show booths, signs, banners, wall wraps, posters, brochures, postcards, business cards, online storefronts and fulfillment services.

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