Food & Drug Safe Packaging

The packaging of your product is an important part of the brand of your company and campaigns. The specifics of this are even more important if your packaging falls under the rules of the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) regarding food and drug safe packaging.

SunDance can ensure that all your printing meets your brand standards and any necessary regulations for food safe packaging. Some packaging is food packaging is rather basic, such as a cereal box, while others that will be frozen or could get wet require other considerations, all the while staying safe for the end user and keeping your product looking consistent throughout.

What is Food and Drug Safe Packaging?

In the United States, food and drug packaging are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. The regulations and laws cover the safety precautions required in the manufacturing process and approved additives, inks, coatings and materials suitable for direct and indirect contact with food, drugs or medical devices.

Direct Contact v. Indirect Contact

Direct Contact is seemingly easy to define in that it’s anything that has planned contact, such as a wrapper, a label under the wrapper, a box without a bag, a holding basket in the manufacturing process or anything else where food, drug or device will knowingly touch. Indirect is anywhere that might be close to the product. If you have a bagged product in a box, the box would need to be approved for indirect food contact. A tray liner at a fast food restaurant would need to be approved for indirect food contact because a sandwich might be placed on it, or it might be used for ketchup and french fries where the consumer might inadvertently ingest some of the tray liner or it’s printing ink.

What Needs To Be Food Safe?

The short answer is everything related to food, drugs or medical devices. Everything from the wrapper around your product, the box it comes in, the labels, any bottles, literature, coupons, instructions, etc. that will accompany your product in whole or in part.

Prototyping to Production

Since SunDance has a number of printing processes under one roof, it is the ideal place to both create prototypes and print the final product. A short digital run of your product can produce the proof of concepts you might need to make that first big sale. After that, we’ll be ready to mass produce them for you. The SunDance team has a long history of product design and prototyping or send us your ready files.

SunDance’s Commitment To Food Safety & Food Safe Packaging

SunDance has quickly become an expert in Food Safe Packaging manufacturing by combining our expertise in packaging design, digital printing, and lamination with the latest in Food Safe Substrates, Inks and Coatings. The safety of your product is something SunDance takes extremely seriously throughout the entire process from the design, to the actual workflow, even setting up a clean room and requiring personnel to suit up when the job requires it. It’s all part of our commitment to you and your success.

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