Perfect Binding

When choosing a bindery method, there are plenty of factors to consider. Perfect binding is a great option that creates a professional look without the price of hard case binding or hardcover books. It is a method of bookbinding that includes a soft cover and glues the pages into the spine, rather than sewing, stitching or coiling. If you choose an adhesive binding, our bindery team can help you determine the best methods to use for your project based on longevity, flexibility, budget and time needs.

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PUR vs EVA Binding

EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) adhesives are an industry-standard process that has been trusted by printers for generations. But unlike generations before, EVA adhesives have come a long way. Newer, high-end EVA glues, which create a mechanical bond by intermingling with paper fibers, provide fantastic strength and flexibility, perfect for most projects


Alternatively, PUR (Poly Urethane Resin) glues can be a great method for books that will go through significant wear and tear or extreme temperatures, or for books that will need to last for many years. That said, the increase in durability can come at an increase in cost, in both money (the PUR process is nearly 30% more expensive than EVA binding) and time (as PUR binding requires at least 24 hours of curing time due to the chemical reaction that binds the glue to the paper).

For the optimal budget savings and success of your bound pieces, contact us early in your planning process. Considering printing and binding before design can help to make the best binding choice and eliminate any potential issues.

We pride ourselves on keeping up with the demands of our print clients, but also in providing them with stellar quality and solutions that are tried, true and trusted. Our team can help walk you through the optimal substrate, finishing and bindery options for your needs.

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